Friday Five: Taking a Break

Even though I joined the RevGalBlogPal’s bloglist months ago, this is actually the first time I’m doing the Friday Five. So Here goes, we are supposed to say how we will spend:

1. a 15 minute break
2. an afternoon off
3. an unexpected free day
4. a week’s vacation
5. a sabbatical

A 15 Miinute Break: definitely a cup of coffeedsc005091

An Afternoon Off: I’ll go and examine my aunt’s cat’s kittens. I have been promised one and they were only born two days ago so I still have a few more weeks to go before I get my own kitten! Aren’t they cute?

An Unexpected Free Day: I’ll hole up in my flat and just BE lazy!

A week’s Vacation: Oh, that’s easy. I’ll go to Port Harcourt so I can be with my sweetheart.

A Sabbatical: I’ll travel Africa. I wanted to say that I’ll travel the world but I have always had this desire to visit Egypt, Tunisia, Senegal, Togo, Algeria, Ethiopia… since history class actually…I want to see these places and soon too!


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