Valentine’s Alone

So Valentine’s day has come and gone and I was too busy to be lonely. OK, that’s not exactly true. I was busy – very busy in fact, but I still had a lonely valentine. I did not even get to spend the day with friends and family. We had guests at the retreat centre and as there are only two staff there, we are housekeeping, chef, laundry, you name it. So it was WORK WORK from 5am to 10 pm…

But work does not totally obliterate loneliness. It might dull the edges but the ache will still be there. So even though I was immersed in work, I still had a lonely valentine because my sweetheart was on the other end of the country – not with me. Still, he managed to surprise and thrill me (as he always does). When I was not expecting it, he got a package to me on the day. I am still reeling from the effects actually…I can say that he definitely made my day!

Did anyone else spend a lonely valentine? Or maybe you just spent your val’s day alone but were not lonely…care to share? If you were lonely what did you do with yourself and if you were just by yourself, how did you enjoy your company? I would really like to know.


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Alone

  1. i spent valentines day alone….had a date, he didn’t show. sad huh?
    well i know people who broke up and valentines day ….thats worse

  2. I spent Valentine’s Day with Jesus, The lover of my soul, as I prepared to preach for the first time Sunday morning. Then in the evening, my beloved husband, the lover the Lord created for me, took me out for dinner and listened to what I wanted to say Sunday.

    I could not appreciate the love Rick has to give if I did not know the love that Jesus offers. I believe that if I only had the love of man, I would still be lonely.

    blessings and prayers,


  3. What a wonderful valentine’s Day you had Firefly! And you are so right…the love of Jesus enhances the love of a good man. Thank you so much for stopping by…I knew somehow that your Val’s Day would be special!

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