Who Does God Say You Are?

I am sending out an SOS. I wrote sometime ago about meeting/mentoring teenage girls. Well, the first meeting was last week and it went wonderfully well. The girls are enthusiastic about it. i asked each of them to tell us briefly who they thought they were…there were myriad responses, each giving a deep insight into the makeup of the girl. I went ahead and asked each girl to write on a piece of paper, 5 things they wanted us to discuss over the months and these are just a few below:

how to help someone who uses drugs

learning to forgive

how to let the inner beauty out

modest dressing and etiquette

How to set personal boundaries

God in everyday life

Getting closer to God

When to date and how

handling criticism…

This week the topic is Who Does God Say You Are…

I need help! My week has been crazy and I have not had time to read up and the next meeting is tomorrow. Please if you have Bible passages that might help I REALLY will appreciate it! This is an SOS…!


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