Jos Christians Hired Mercenaries…?

Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State inaugurated a six-man judicial commission of inquiry into the November 28 crisis in parts of Jos North Local Government Area. The panel is headed by an international jurist and former Attorney General of the Federation, Prince Bola Ajibola.

The purpose of the commission is to investigate the remote and immediate causes(s) of the unrest; determine the extent of loss of lives and property; identify the persons or group of persons responsible for the unrest and recommend appropriate sanctions and to make recommendations to avert future occurrences. It is also asked to make any other suitable or relevant recommendations. (Source: The Punch)

One of the means of achieving the aims set out by the Commission is the acceptance and analysis of written memorandums by the members of the public. Since the commission was inaugurated, several accusations and counter-accusations have been levied by both factions. One of such memorandums written by the Hausa Muslims contained an allegation that the Christian faction hired mercenaries. According to an ‘eyewitness’, the mercenaries were huge men, wearing white uniforms. The formidable aspect of these so-called mercenaries was their use of juju (Yes, juju). The claim was that their juju was so strong, the men hovered above the ground.

As ridiculous as that allegation sounds, the swiftness and totality of the reprisal attack which took place on Saturday left many residents of Jos speechless. The crisis began on Friday, after the Muslim Prayers with the casualties mostly Christians – Church members and Pastors. That same day, a 4pm curfew was imposed on the city so there was hardly any opportunity for the other side to meet and plan a reprisal. Yet that was exactly what took place the next day. The losses on the Hausa Muslim side were astronomical and the whole destruction took about thirty minutes or less.

This gives rise to a number of pertinent questions: Who were the mercenaries and where did they come from? Was this a practical demonstration of the scripture that says ‘I will fight with those who fight with you’? So many things are unclear about what took place on the 29th of November, 2008. But one thing is clear; I trust in God’s goodness and protection – He has it all in control!

For more information on the Jos Crisis:

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