Meeting with Teenage Girls

I’m meeting with a group of young ladies tomorrow; they range in age between 15 and 18. I plan to meet with them

Courtesy Morguefile archive
Courtesy Morguefile archive

once every week. They are young ladies who are getting ready to go into the university so I have only until June with them. June is a long way away but when it comes down to it, it’s only a moment in a life. What do I tell these young ladies? One of them came to my mum in tears on Sunday. She had steadfastly refused to date in school because she did not feel she was ready too; so the boys in school decided to make her life miserable. They called her names and just generally tortured her the way teenage boys are wont to do. My mum was helpless and called me. All I could tell her was what I had personally lived by and that was that different was definitely good.

So I guess that is what I want to pass along to these young ladies. In the short time we spend together, these are my objectives:

  • They should learn to accept and love themselves
  • Appreciate that women are strong
  • Strength does not always lie in brawn or in rudeness
  • Different is good
  • Their bodies are theirs; given to them by God for safekeeping. Who they finally decide to share it with is a personal choice and no one but NO ONE has the right to pressure them about it.
  • They can be whatever they set their minds to be.
  • A woman should learn how to work hard and acquire discipline

I think I’ll stop here. I know there should be more, there probably is. But I cannot seem to think of anything right now. I plan to pick a topic of discussion each week and maybe the story of a strong, dynamic Christian woman. I’m a bit stumped and I could do with some help. The first meeting is today and I’ll be out of town next week but your suggestions and ideas can come any time; I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “Meeting with Teenage Girls

  1. I too mentor young women ages 17-24. It is quite rewarding. Some areas that I mentor them on is:

    1. Staying committed to Christ
    2. How to date God’s way
    3. Building strong Godly relationships
    4. Enjoying God’s journey

    Those are areas that I have noticed come up time and time again. I hope that helps you.

    with blessings,

    Minister Mamie

  2. Thank you so much Minister Mamie; This is really helpful so I’m going to jot it down and try and think around these themes. God bless you!

  3. How did things go with the girls?

    Perhaps spend some time talking about “approval”. That none of us need the approval of man when we already have the approval of God. I know I still at times struggle with that, and as a teen, approval feels so important.

  4. Yes, that’s a good one. Thanks so much…It is something I struggle with myself so it will be easy talking to them about it; I have first hand experience!

  5. Hi Firefly…I took your advice and started with self image – how they see themselves as opposed to how others see them. I told them there were 3 views (theirs, others, and God’s) and they seldom converged. Thank you for your insight…God bless!

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