Things I’m Thankful For

God’s Word – we are studying 2Samuel in our family devotions and we are at the place where David invited Mephibosheth, the son of Jonathan to sit at his table even though he was a cripple (Chapter 8). We all took away a valuable lesson from that and I want to share:

Sometimes in life, we are crippled and disabled by circumstances and events, some of our making and others way beyond us; but as children of the Most High, we will reach the fullness of our potential (that is the fullness of His plans for us) even though it might take a while in human reckoning. God has a purpose for each of our lives and though things may seem delayed, His timing is ALWAYS perfect.

Now, if that was not a lesson to hold on to, I don’t know what is!

Joy – I am not just talking happiness, even though I am happy but deep joy within me. I have been bubbling over with joy for some time now; I am just so happy to be alive! Funny, I have added some weight and I am someone who usually obsesses about her weight, but for once, it does not even bother me. OK, not that much anyway. I feel sad sometimes, and disgruntled; but even in my deepest sadness there is joy inside of me.

Answered Prayers – I wrote some days ago about how I was going to start praying for some particular things that had remained unprayed for, and then soon as I prayed for one of them I got my answer that very day! Amazing!! I’m still in shock about how fast God chose to answer that prayer.
Bee Stings – Oh yea, I got stung by a bee, inside the house! My arm is all swollen and I feel remarkably like the cartoon character, Popeye the Sailor Man. But the good thing is I got the sting out on time and aside from some discomfort, I’m A-okay!

High Calling Blogs – I just joined and I’m glad! I think I am really going to have a lot of fun meeting Christian Blog Network bloggers, reading different perspectives and just generally interacting.

Birthdays – last week was mine and it was nice knowing that I’d made it through another year of my life. I still feel like I have not achieved anything – but then I feel that way every birthday.

My Sweetheart – He was around to spend some time with my family and I – especially since it was my birthday last week. But a funny thing happened; the morning after he arrived, my dad had to go away on a missions trip high into some mountains. And my sweetheart just upped and went with him; I can tell you that my dad was overwhelmed. They spent four hours climbing up into the heart of the mountains where there are people who live far from civilization. They have no electricity, no running water, no contact whatsoever with the everyday conveniences we take so much for granted. It was a wonderful experience from what I heard and I’ve begged him to write about it for this blog.

Jesus – when I think of the many people out there who do not know him and who do not have the hope which knowing him has given me, I feel sorry. Jesus has been the best thing to happen to me and I am thankful each day for his love and mercies.

Family – I got visits from my mum’s sister and her cousin. It’s nice to have older women who are friends and who I can go to for godly advice.

One thought on “Things I’m Thankful For

  1. interesting to observe the way God works all things together for good. The period between the cripple-causing-event and the manifesting of God’s healing takes time. Sometimes we face rejection cos the world (even our friends) see only our handicap. But its just a matter of time, He’ll show you who you really are-special

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