Aborted Plans, Failed Goals, Hope For Next Year

We are headed towards the last month in the year and it is time for all those reviews. At least t is supposedhope-rainbow-background-thumb_medium to be the time for the reviews but I am very reluctant to go through a list of my ‘achievements’ and failures for the year. A lot of people for this reason have quit making New Year Resolutions. I do not particularly believe in them myself, but I try each year to make goals for the next year. When I was little, my mum would ask my brothers and I to make lists of what we wanted to achieve in the New Year and include the dates by which we hoped to achieve the items on the list. Then we had to give her a copy of each list so that she could pray on it. That certainly got me into the habit of making goals for the year. I have them written down and what I read is not very pleasant. I cannot banish the taste of failure from my mouth.

I guess quite a number of people feel that way. Like there is no point making goals anymore. I was sorely tempted to forgo the whole process this year. But you see, my year has not been all failure. I did attain some set goals, and some that I did not even realize where goals. So many wonderful things happened to me this year…if 2007 was my worst year ever (and it was), then 2008 has been one of the best years of my life.

I heard somewhere that in biblical terms, 7 was significant of perfection. I could not understand why 2007 was so awful because I felt that ‘perfection’ was an end. But I got to comprehend that perfection is not an end but a process. For silver (or gold) to attain perfection, it had to be in the hottest part of the fire. 2007 for me was the hottest part of the fire.

This year, I got to glimpse a bit of the benefits of that process. Oh the process has in no means ended but this year was definitely better. So I am going to set goals for 2009. I have decided to not give up on myself despite the fact that most times I fall short of expectations – mine and God’s. I read this piece on wdfavour.com:

Do you feel so inadequate, and so incompetent to deal with daily responsibilities and challenges?
Does the thought of your unfulfilled goals, unrealized dreams, thwarted ambitions, and uncompleted projects make you begin to feel sad, and you want to quit and run away from it all?

Never forget this: there’s enough power in you to see you through!

No matter how you feel, don’t give up.
Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
Brighter days are ahead of you.
If you don’t quit, you’ll live to see God’s intervention in the affairs of your life; you’ll live to see the tide turn in your favor.
Put the next leg forward.
Move on.
Hold on.
Don’t give up on yourself!
(Courtesy http://wdfavour.com)

They are not my words, but they spoke to me like they came from the deepest parts of me. So maybe I have uncompleted projects, well the year is not even over yet and there is still 2009.


2 thoughts on “Aborted Plans, Failed Goals, Hope For Next Year

  1. This puts me in mind of an exercise I did several years ago now…wrote down some 1 yr 5 yr 10 yr-20yr and end of my life goals…really makes your brain smoke when you try it. I think the “end of my life” goal is my favorite…@ the end of my life, looking back, what would I want to see….
    On the one yr goals…I remember trying to specifically calculate how much $ I would need to save to do X Y or Z..even broke it down into monthly amounts…. a complete exercise in futility and discouragement…too many unexpected expenses…yet, at the end of 10 or 15 yrs…low and behold, I had arrived @ 90% of them…through unexpected circumstances rather than how I tried to get there…I think the goals helped me to clarify the desires of my heart (and assuming I am headed in the general direction of seeking God’s kingdom first and his righteousness, then the desires of my heart are not something I discount as being “worldly” rather things God himself would probably love to give me in his time…later! DM

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