Imperfect Perfection

King David in the Bible was an awesome man. Two things in particular made him a man to admire: the first was the way he always asked God what to do and the second was how he never committed the same sin twice. Yet I just recently discovered he had feet of clay. Oh I’ve known that the man was not perfect, far from it. But I saw him as a man who sinned and when convicted, totally repented without going back to that sin again. But guess what else I found out? The guy had six sons from six different women and was still causing trouble over a sixth! Can you imagine that? And the Bible went to great lengths to let us know that the sons were all from different women. My dad always says that no word in the Bible is superfluous.

What that signified to me was that David had a problem with the women…he loved women! I would even dare to say he might have been slightly promiscuous. In other words, he was as human as you and I; he had his foibles and his weaknesses. Yet he was called a man after God’s own heart!

When I read that part of the Bible I felt giddy with exhilaration. Words cannot express the relief I felt. Like a huge burden had been rolled off my shoulder; I did not have to be perfect; I did not have to be a saint. It did not mean I could go about sinning whenever I felt like, it just meant that if I did sin (and the Bible makes it clear that I would), then I did not need to beat myself up every time. If I was so good I would not need Jesus and boy do I need him!

The Lord looks at the heart; he understands more than we give him credit. I guess that is why he admonishes us to not judge. David was far from perfect but God saw that he had a heart that longed to please God. That encourages me. I long after God, I yearn to please him. I often fall short but that is why I need Jesus, to help me. His is working on my inside so that my words and my actions align gradually to the person he is slowly creating.


2 thoughts on “Imperfect Perfection

  1. If winning was all about not loosing at all,then almost all those we celebrate today as winners,would be loosers. I figure David had a real understanding of this.That’s why he said ‘rejoice not my enemeys,for though I fall seven time, I will surely rise again’!

    Waking up to the reality of God’s perfect picture of me has taken almost my whole life to achieve…but now I understand that He sees me through the looking glass of the blood of Jesus.Besides, the inner most thoughts of my heart are plain to Him!

  2. Femi you have a way with words that is just beautiful. And you are absolutely right – it is the inner most thoughts of a person and realizing that has been the highlight of my week. Thank you for stopping and commenting.

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