Seeking Inspiration

Yesterday I decided to take a long walk; I was searching for inspiration. Before then, I sat in front of myshell-sand-stock-photo-thumb_medium laptop and tried to continue work on my novel, Halima but I got stuck. I just couldn’t move further. Of course that is natural when you just open a blank page and begin to type out a story, no plot, no characterization, no anything that professional authors tell you are necessary to writing a good novel, hey, not even a story line! So it is not surprising at all that I got stuck. Anyway, I decided to go for a walk to get inspiration.

I live in a rocky wilderness; it is wild, untamed and beautiful! Everything, or almost everything is in its natural state – if this failed to inspire me, I knew that little else would. My original plan was to walk the well trodden path and so I started with that. But I soon veered off. I have been taking long strolls for as long as I remember and over the years, have taken several friends out to experience nature. This has given me insight into the personalities of a lot of these people. Always, when we get to a certain point, I ask the inevitable question: do we keep going on the path, or do we veer off into the wilderness? Always, the answers differ. There is nothing wrong with the path; in fact the view there is spectacular. But it is also a spectacularly uneventful walk. Off the path however, there the goodies lie! There are lakes; a stream which winds and winds, rocks, gullies, a wood…it is an adventure. It takes twice as long as the path, but it is worth every second. It has been my experience that those who usually stick to the path are conservatives; my fiancé almost always sticks to the path. I on the other hand, I crave new experiences.

So on this day, even though I started on the path, before too long I found myself climbing the rocks and going down to the other side where I took off my slippers and waded barefoot in the stream that winds and winds. It was an experience that was almost spiritual. I feel it each time I take the stroll and that is several days a week and I can’t ever get tired of it. Did I get inspired? Definitely. Not only did my heroine take shape in my mind, including her background and some minor characters, I felt refreshed and lighter plus the exercise was really good.

I am a fledgling author even though I have been writing short stories since forever. Still, I’ve discovered that inspiration is almost like a talisman. I can write without music, but when I have music I don’t have to pause every 5 seconds and wonder what next I’m going to write. And when music does not do it for me? I veer off the beaten path. Oh and reading novels too… except that this weekend alone, I read (devoured) 5 novels – maybe I was suffering from fiction overload, I don’t know. I would really appreciate it if any of you authors out there can share with me what inspires you.


One thought on “Seeking Inspiration

  1. its interesting to note your ‘predicament’.I’ve come to realise from working with writers and writing myself,that inspiration comes to those who are patient.Some of the best works we’ve been blessed with have been inspired from the very simple things.I suggest you stop looking for inspiration and let it come to you.Seems like it has learnt to runaway from those who hunt it.It comes to those who need it an are willing to wait for it.

    Yea and by the way,congratulations.I didn’t know you were engaged.He’s extremely lucky and I MUST confess,I envy him.Hope he knows what he’s got.

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