Ten Things Tuesday

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday
It’s another ‘Ten Things Tuesday’ and I look forward to it. It is kindly hosted by Mrs Brownstone and takes place every Tuesday. It is open to one and all so feel free to participate. This Tuesday, I am thankful for so many things…

A beautiful Morning – I woke up to blazing sunshine (yes, I woke up late). Everything looked so golden and I could not thank God enough for the privilege of waking up to such a morning.

Benjy – My Car that has been at the mechanic’s for quite some time is suddenly up and about. Whoohoo!

Air Conditioning – Yes, I mentioned something about blazing sunshine? It definitely blazed all through the day so air conditioning was very much appreciated.

My Sweetheart – Even when he’s not happy with me, I still can’t imagine life without him.

A Wonderful Time in Port Harcourt – With my sweetheart. Spending time with him was precious and we managed to not cross the line we set early in our relationship. Imagine that…

My Family – who have been calling almost incessantly to find out when I’ll be back home. I miss them.

NaNoWriMo08 – I decided to join this year and write a bit of a novel each day. It’s been interesting even though I’ve not posted anything for today. sigh

Music – I listen almost 24/7. It gives me inspiration to write, soothes me when I’m seething…I just love music!

Facebook – I would feel really cut off from my friends without FB. So I’m grateful

Life – It is a gift I treasure.

7 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I love the 10 things idea. I am in the middle of writing a novel. Lots of work. It is my second book. the first was a pastoral type of book. so, this is a bit different. New, scary and fun!

  2. HisFireFly – I’m glad you are enjoying the bits of novel…it’s fun writing for me too because I have no idea where this is going. Thanks for reading, it keeps me going.

    lwayswright – 10 things tuesday is a wonderful idea, helps to keep a positive attitude. I would love to read your novel when you are done…Thank you for stopping by.

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