Halima – Chapter 2

The nurse came back a few minutes later with a doctor. He looked so young, I felt he should still have been in medical school. Still, beggars couldn’t be choosers. The important thing was he looked competent and professional.

“Good morning,” he greeted coming straight to where I was standing. He took the baby from me “I was told the baby was found outside in the cold.” He stated briskly but with a brief smile.

“Yes.” I answered.

He looked at the baby in his arms for some seconds and then nodded once like he had come to a decision. “Rose here will attend to you,” he nodded towards the nurse “you need to fill some forms while I take this one in with me.” He said referring to the baby in his arms.

“Thank you doctor.” I said. He merely nodded again and smiled at my parents before disappearing with the baby.

I had filled the necessary forms, mostly the Hospital’s way of ensuring payment and my parents and I had gone to the waiting room to wait for the doctor. We had been waiting for almost half an hour when he finally came out; without the baby.

I stood and I’m sure my anxiety was tattooed across my face because he came to me and patted my shoulder.

“Your little foundling is doing fine. However, there has been almost twenty four hours of exposure so we need to keep her here for observation.”

Her. That was all I heard as tears came to my eyes. My baby was a her!

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