Solitude, Missions & Life in General

I finally moved into my apartment last night… It is beautiful and so peaceful. From my small living room, when I look out one window I see the leafy green of the rainy season and from the other window, pale blue sky. Everything is so still and silent, well…maybe not so silent. There’s the ticking of the pink and silver clock on my wall and the chirping of the birds outside my door. Then I’m grooving to Gerald Albright’s ‘The Next Level.’ It is a lovely Sunday Morning.

I love living with my parents, but I also need to be on my own. Of course, the distance between my apartment and my parent’s house is negligible but that’s ok. It’s good to know that I can always slip into the house for a late dinner every now and then.

I love solitude and I don’t know why. Or maybe it’s because I grew up on a Missions Base; our home was the Missions House. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about growing up in a Missions House knows that privacy is an English word we look up in Oxford’s English Dictionary that means something, but we’re not really sure what. For as long as I can remember (when I was 5 years old), I craved privacy…I just wanted a place I could retreat to! Then I went to boarding school and that was even worse. But I finally feel my yearning for solitude being satisfied with this new place I moved into – it’s really isolated.

Growing up on a Missions Base (being an MK) was a rare privilege. There were some bad spots, but on the whole it was a wonderful experience. I learnt to ask God for even the smallest stuff – like a doll when I was little. I also learnt to be satisfied with what I had. It was not easy growing up and seeing other kids had what you knew your parents could not afford, but my mum did a good job. It is with hindsight that I look back and know that materially speaking, we did not have much. But we had each other and we had God and mum made us realize that was all we ever really needed in this life. Because of my upbringing, I know the difference between what I want, and what I need. And I also know that there is no harm asking God for what I want. I got an education many people never have in all their years on earth. I was privileged to travel with my parents a lot, my brothers and I. We entertained some wonderful men of God in our home; people like Brother Andrew of the Iron Curtain, Bill Taylor of World Evangelical Fellowship (now World Evangelical Alliance), Phil Bogosian of the US Center for World Missions…Oh and countless others I can’t even remember. My brothers and I have a cross cultural background; we had people from all over the world living on the Missions base…the experience was simply amazing! Growing up on a Missions Base was indeed a rare privilege; it formed the basis of who I am today.

Will I be a missionary myself? I don’t know. But I want to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Right now, I am currently serving one year in ministry. I’m not sure I want to remain in missions after the year expires, but I am not the director of my life. I have decided to let God do the leading after all he has the blue print of my life. I will say one thing though; no one who is truly serving God can be the poorer for it. When the One paying your salary is One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, whose lives in a Kingdom where the streets are made of gold, then you can be sure the pay will be good. In all my 26++ years, I have never felt as fulfilled as I’ve felt the past couple of months (and I’m not sure I’ve worked harder). There is no price tag for the fulfillment which comes from being where God has placed you. Ask any missionary.

I have known so many missionaries personally and they all have the most amazing stories to tell. For the Missions Matter Giveaway, I intend to share the stories of some – one or two.


6 thoughts on “Solitude, Missions & Life in General

  1. We (my wife and I and 2 of our children) lived in Christian community for 1 1/2 yrs on a Christian retreat center. We shared a kitchen with 2 other families @ one point..and I know exactly what you’re talking about in terms of personal space. It was a pressure cooker enviroment spiritually…but there are so many life skills and lessons that came out of that season of our lives….you can’t learn those things out of a book. You do have a wealth of experiences in your background…combined w/ your training as a lawyer….there are so many ways I could see God directing your path…sounds like you are soft and pliable in his hands…made me have a knowing smile when I read your words…

    ” I have never felt as fulfilled as I’ve felt the past couple of months (and I’m not sure I’ve worked harder). There is no price tag for the fulfillment which comes from being where God has placed you. Ask any missionary.”

    Enjoy your new apartment!

  2. Sharon, this was wonderful! Thank you! And I can so relate to the solitude part! I’d find hidey-holes and crawl into them at times–and I had it good compared to you in that aspect. (from the sounds of it! LoL) I was only in Ecuador 6 years, but those years shaped me into who I am now, and I’m so thankful! I can’t wait to hear what else you have to share! And thank you for helping me celebrate like this!!

    Enjoy your apartment! It sounds heavenly to me!

  3. It is so cool to have such opportunities. I actually have been thinking of doing some missions work, but it’s not time yet – at least not on an international level. HOWEVER. I do have work to do here at home and I’m like you. Never have I been more fulfilled than I am by being where the Lord has placed me.

    Glad u got settled in. Privacy is a LOVELY thing.

  4. @DM – Reading your words give me a lot of pleasure. I really want to be open to God, to be to Him exactly what He wants me to be – no more; no less.
    So you lived in a Center huh… Must have been a bit tough on Mrs DM – sharing a kitchen and all. Oh well, God allows us to pass through various experiences so that we may eventually become the people He made us to be.
    Thanks for the encouragement DM…means a lot to me

    @ Patty – Eucador Wow! It must have been quite an experience. Thank you for providing this opportunity to share.

    Hey Rosheeda! Glad you are experiencing God’s peace in your ministry. I’ll pray for you – doors can open in the strangest ways. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Blessings Sharon…I’ve missed you! It sounds that you are being fulfilled and filled up in your new assignment from God!
    Now you’re seeking a place of solitude! Understandable! I so enjoyed reading what you shared and look forward to more.
    “Growing up on a Missions Base was indeed a rare privilege; it formed the basis of who I am today.: You have become a woman after God’s own heart & will for her life. I would like to link this post to Mission 4 Monday, if I have your permission.
    I just don’t know which the past or the future. I do not know how Patty is choosing but you certainly have a rich experience from your MK past & current position. May God bless you as you continue blessing others! May you find the Refuge that you offer the missionaries! Thank you for being a light of His in His Kingdom. Keep listening to the Holy Spirit

  6. Hi Peggy! I’ve missed you too!! By all means, please feel free to link this post. Thank you so much for your comment…I appreciate you. Have a blessed day!

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