Poetry for Charity – show your support

My friend, Chiedu Ifeozo has put together a collection of poetry for charity, e-book downloads of the book would be priced at $3, the price for the paperback version would be determined after the book has been submitted to lulu.com for printing, but $3 will be added to the printing cost and that would be the sale price.

Poetry for Charity is now available from http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=2996281

I don’t usually do this, especially when it has to do with selling stuff; but this is different. The proceeds from the sale of the book would be donated to the following charities:

With love from friends, is a charity that hopes to buy much needed books and reading materials for children in impoverished areas

These genes, provides support for sickle cell sufferers

Against illiteracy, poverty and AIDS, hopes to alleviate poverty by providing support, and donates medicines to AIDS sufferers.

The pieces would be donated by the members of the “Thoughts on a page” group, the group has grown into a strong community and i thank everyone who has added their friends to the group, today there are over 2000 people in the group from very diverse countries and backgrounds. Appropriate recognition would be given to each writer, there will be a list with passport sized photos and web links,this will be a great opportunity for them to showcase their work for a good cause.

Thank you all for your support so far.

for more info visit the websites

against illiteracy, poverty and AIDS :

with love from friends:

These genes :

So go here and purchase your own copy!


The Charities

With love from friends (WLFF)

National council of voluntary organizations registration number:8989

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rests the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development [Kofi Annan].

With Love From Friends (WLFF) is a voluntary organization dedicated to making a positive and lasting contribution to the advancement of quality education in their home country of Nigeria and wider Africa.
WLFF aims to assist charities and community school projects to raise funds, improve infrastructure and provide basic resources such as textbooks, whilst maintaining a personal touch.

Project Profile – 2008
This year, WLFF is involved with the rehabilitation of an extremely poor school in Iwaya which serves the Makoko fishing community in Lagos, Nigeria. This school previously had no blackboards, crumbling walls and a distinct lack of basic resources. Our partner charity in Nigeria, the African Child Development Initiative (ACDI), is currently constructing a new 4-classroom block for the pupils of this school. In support of this project, WLFF aims to raise funds to provide the children with basic educational resources such as textbooks, notebooks, writing materials and art charts.

Representative – Winnie Awa

Website – http://www.wlff.co.uk
Facebook – http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=25042397007

Blog – http://withlovefromfriends.blogspot.com

These Genes

THESE GENES is a Sickle-Cell Project aimed at putting a human face to sickle-cell.
We aim to separate myths from fiction, and see what it means to actually live with sickle-cell. We also want people to express themselves on sickle-cell- what it means, how they live with it, and so on.
We aim to achieve our aims through literature, arts, entertainment, sports and education

Located in Lagos, These Genes was founded by Tosyn Bucknor, and THESE GENES has tremendous support from Zapphiare Events and s.h.a.r.e Social Network

website – http://www.thesegenes.org
contact number – 08023066252
email – thesegenes@gmail.com

Representative – Tosyn Bucknor

Against illiteracy poverty and AIDS(AIPA)
We are a group, diverse in our ethnicity and beliefs, but united in our quest for a better Nigeria. We have seen firsthand and witnessed the effects that Illiteracy, Poverty, AIDS and all the other global killers have on people who are not as blessed as we are. Not by choice, they go through life never having the opportunity to experience the things we take for granted: education, money, shelter, and good health care. And this only applies to those who are alive long enough to go through a good part of life at all. So, we decided it was time to stop taking the opportunities we had for granted and time to try and make the same opportunities available to those not as fortunate as ourselves.
Against Illiteracy Poverty and AIDS was chosen as our name because it depicts the areas we feel we can make impacts in. Every project organized by AIPA will target one of the three areas stated in our name. As a group, we hope to create awareness and make significant impacts in our community in an attempt to better our beloved country, Nigeria.

Mailing Address:
Plot 1225 Bishop Oluwole St.
Suite 119, Edo House, Victoria Island,
Email: info @ aipanigeria.org
aipanigeria @ gmail.com
United States
United Kingdom
+234 01-6217777
+234 08074867711

Representative – Isioma Coker
website – http://www.aipanigeria.org


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