10 Things I’m Thankful For

This is a list of 10 things I’m thankful for…

  1. Life. It is a privilege to wake up each morning, alive and healthy!
  2. Family. My flat is still undergoing renovations so I am still living in the family house. While it is driving me crazy, I’m glad I still have my family to enjoy.
  3. My Sweetheart. He came to spend a week with my family and it was a lovely time especially as I’d been missing him terribly.
  4. Green Pastures. We are expecting some guests today…a group of missionaries. It’s going to be more work for me, but it is good work; catering to the needs of missionaries and making money out of it. (Well, we will soon start making money).
  5. Sisters’ Fellowship. There’s one where I live and it is fun and illuminating getting these women’s divergent takes on the word of God. I went yesterday and I was glad I did.
  6. The Word. At the Sisters’ Fellowship, we read from Judges 1 (it was a Bible Study) and I learnt that God sometimes doesn’t answer the way we expect him to… That was from verse 1 & 2 when instead of picking out one leader to lead the Israelites into battle, he picked a whole tribe. It is good to be open to the Lord’s leading, however it may come. And that was a good lesson.
  7. Friends. My best friend is spending some time with me. It is good because I was feeling lonely; I haven’t lived at home in ages and almost all my friends have moved away.
  8. God’s Handiwork. When my sweetheart was around, we took several long walks and were able to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. I live in a valley of sorts surrounded by rocky mountains. Everything was so green and beautiful… we even saw the end of the rainbow! It was in front of one of those mountains so we knew it was the end. Unfortunately it was also on private property so we could not go dig.
  9. Gloria. That’s the family parrot. She’s a whistling one. For months now, she’s been nibbling on her cage until she finally made an opening big enough for her to creep out of. She did that a couple of

    days ago and hid behind the fridge so no one could get to her. Finally, my brothers moved it and got her back into the cage. By the next morning the same thing happened – Gloria was out. So my mum found her and put her back in the cage. But instead of returning the cage to the perch where it was before, she put it on the floor and left the door open. Funny enough, Gloria still forced her way out through that opening and then immediately went back in through the open door. The door is still open, but there she is in the cage. I learnt a lot from that…no matter how often I force myself out of God’s will or his plan for my life, the door is always open… to welcome me right back.

  10. Baking. Yep. I took up baking…pies actually. And commercially too. I made the first batch on Saturday and will start kneading the dough for the next today. Oh and it’s all manual too – all except the oven that is.

It has been an exciting week. Tiring but exciting. It is nice going to bed each day very tired and waking up feeling refreshed. I had a difficult worker, always complaining about one thing or the other. At Green Pastures, we were three of us; Lola and I and this other girl. But Lola had gone back to school so I was left with this girl who just didn’t want to do anything! So I started praying for her. And would you know it, her energy positively exhausts me! I can leave her alone to work without any fear; she never needs to be told anything more than once. It is a miracle and I can’t thank God enough.

If you would like to participate in this meme, go on over to Jill Brownstone’s blog and link up. Have a lovely week ahead!

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Hey Sharon!!

    Now I can add one more thing to my list, I’m thankful to hear things are going well for you, and that in your busyness you still had time to post an update, a cheerful one at that!

    Be blessed as you labour in His vineyard.

  2. I’m thankful for your friendship via the blog-o-sphere…That is awesome your boyfriend could come and spend time w/ you this week…awesome..so what does your dad think about him ;-)? Guys can charm the mama…what I want to know is what does the papa think about him after spending a week there? (speaking as a dad of 3 young beautiful daughters myself)….you don’t have to post this if you don’t want to….just checking on you. talk to you later..dm

  3. Your home sounds truly beautiful! I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with your sweetheart with such an amazing canvas of God to view!

    Have a blessed week!

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