I’ll soon be back

No, I have not travelled. It’s just that I’ve been inundated with work. Sometimes I think maybe I’m in over my head…we are seriously short staffed at Green Pastures but we just have to make things work, regardless. We are expecting 16 guests next week and we have to get ready for them. It’s funny, I prayed for more patronage and here I am…swamped. Be careful what you pray for hmmm…

So I probably will not be posting much here for a while anyway. I’ll miss all my blogging friends… I’ll try and sneak a post from time to time.


2 thoughts on “I’ll soon be back

  1. Praying for His strength to fill you as you labour.

    He will have surprises and delights for you as in obedience you do the work He has set before you.

    We’ll miss you here in cyberspace though and await the good report!

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