People Management or Missions (For Monday)

For one reason or the other, I was unable to post my Mission 4 Monday even though I’d worked on it. It is amazing how a little management can bring outstanding results. Just the other day, my mum complained about the people working with her; she said she knew that if properly managed, it was possible to get the best out of people. I replied offhandedly, that folks went to school to study how to manage people. That week, I got an opportunity to be part of a management process.

I live on a missions base and everyone (except guests) has to do some chore or the other. well, there is this young lady living with my parents, we’ll call her Lola for ease of reference. Lola is the product of a dysfunctional home in Lagos, Nigeria. Her parents were separated right from when she was a little girl. The father took another woman to live with him and kept the children in an absive environment elsewhere. Lola later ran away and went looking for her mother who was hawking fruits at traffic hold up points in Lagos.

This was not enough to support the both of them. Lola soon dropped out of school and took to the streets; she became a commercial sex worker. It wasn’t long before she left home and was missing for four years. It was during one of his many travels that my dad came across this girl.

She was street working in Cotonou in the Republic of Benin, taken there by child traffickers en route to Italy. While there, she had heard about Jesus and gave her life to Him. She became a child of God and was struggling to live a decent life. This was not easy for a girl with little qualification and she could not go back home…there wasn’t really any home to go to. So my dad brought her back home with him, offering her the opportunity to return to school. She spends her holidays with them.

Young people find it really hard to live under authority and it was even harder for Lola who had lived several years without anyone to account to. So when I got home, I discovered that my mum had been having trouble with her. She would always find a way to avoid any kind of work and shirked all her chores. The thing about this girl is that she’s stronger than most, is easy going, good humoured and sweet tempered. She also loves to eat. She regularly out eats both my brothers and I combined. My mum was beginning to despair; the girl was just too lazy! Or so we thought.

At Green Pastures, we are terribly short staffed so I asked Lola to help out in the Kitchen and with the guests. Oh boy! The transformation was remarkable. She worked hard with everything in her…and with a cheerful demeanour too. Lola has been a Godsend to me. She is a very charming young lady and has extended this to the guests. Her love of people met with her love for food to produce a hard working and dedicated young woman. Just goes to show that some people are not really lazy, they just need to do the work they love.

At Green Pastures we try to create an environment where people can feel at home and as they get to know God, re-discover who they were meant to be with him. I think Lola has commenced that journey.

For more Missions, check Peggy’s blog at We have a very interesting guest staying with us at Green Pastures, she works among sex workers in a west African country…I will see if she is ammenable to an interview or a write up; if she is, I’ll share that on Missions 4 Monday. Have a lovely weekend!

P. S. Below are pictures from Green Pastures and it’s surroundings…

An open invitation to dinner...
An open invitation to dinner...


A lovely evening for a walk
A lovely evening for a walk



4 thoughts on “People Management or Missions (For Monday)

  1. Thanks again Sharon for posting on your WONDERFUL Mission! Blessings…on Green Pastures and your management of people…or in this case: finding the best place for this young woman to share. This is so inspiring!
    I love hearing about all that is happening! I’m glad you found someone that can help and do well! If you do get the interview save it in draft for this next Monday. I will visit
    any time during the week. It’s not important to me what day you post as long as you link. The problem is that the others will not come and visit! Thank you Sharon for sharing this important aspect of the Mission World, a respite for them, so not to burn out! What a beautiful place to retreat!
    What a wonderful service & blessing you are in addition to your parent’s! This was so delightful!May Our Lord Bless you as you continue blessing us and those you serve & manage!

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing this encouraging post with us. Praise God for the great work He did in Lola’s heart! And thank God for you and your family’s willingness to give her opportunities to grow and serve God. Glad that Lola is a great help to you. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos of Green Pastures. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place. A wonderful place to serve God! Sorry that I am late in visiting your post. I was swarmed with activities and somehow almost missed this encouraging post! Thank you for the comment you left on my post. Thank God for leading me to read your comment and revisit you. Thanks for sharing with us. Do join Mission 4 Monday and continue to share God’s great work with us. Take care and God bless!

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