Ten Things Tuesday

I got my first guests at Green Pastures last night. They came without booking a reservation – 16 of them and they are staying for 9 days. So I was up real early this morning preparing their breakfast (yep, I’m in the kitchen too). The hustle and bustle has given me a lot to appreciate today and since it’s also “Ten Things Tuesday. I’m quite busy so I’ll keep it short and sweet; here goes!

Today, I am thankful for:

  • Getting up on time even without an alarm;
  • The fresh, crisp morning air;
  • Birds that chirp their praises to God
  • Strength to cook for 16 people;
  • Time to take a break and drink a lovely cup of nescafe (instant coffee).
  • Crosswalk’s ‘Girlfriends in God’ Devotional
  • Blogging friends who leave comments;
  • My Sweetheart who is always in touch;
  • A lovely family that can be sometimes exasperating!
  • My heavenly father who is just crazy about me.

5 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. 16 guests? That’s wonderful. May I one day be counted among them 😉

    I’m home from holidays visiting my parents in the USA, blessed to be back home in Canada where I know God has placed me.

    Yes, your Heavenly Father is nuts about you, and about me too!

  2. Oh yes please! I will be over the moon if/when you come to visit. Thank God for a safe journey back home, hope you enjoyed your holidays.

    Thanks for the visit.

  3. Hey, Sharon!

    That is awesome about Green Pastures!!! (What a great name, by the way!) Isn’t it wonderful when God puts something on your heart and you can see it to fruition?

    This is a great list ~ I hope you get to see your sweetheart soon!


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