Mission 4 Monday

Today is Mission 4 Monday over at Peggy’s Blog. The whole aim of this is to share your mission – for life, for a period or even for the week. I’m sharing my mission for the next one year.

Both my parents are full time missionaries. Their area lies in training for indigenous African Missions. Over the past 30 years, they have sent out more than a thousand missionaries to various countries in Africa. So how do I fit in?

We have a family guest house called Green Pastures Prayer and Retreat Center (‘Green Pastures’ for short). The major purpose of this center is to cater to the needs of Missionaries and missions-minded people. A lot of missionaries are leaving the field because they suffer from depression as a result of burnout. We have created a quiet and serene environment in an atmosphere where they can relax and just be with God.

In December of 2007, I felt God calling me to give up a year to serving these people. This aspect of Missions is called ‘Member Care’. I am to run the Retreat Center. For years this seat has been empty; therefore the center needs a lot of attention, renovations and care. My job is to raise the necessary funds for this. I have no training in fund raising and none in hospitality. But since it’s the Lord, I’ve chosen to not worry too much about it. Afterall, he does not use the qualified, but he takes the available and qualifies them.

If you would like to participate in this meme, click here. Below are photos of the Retreat Center.

Green Pastures Prayer and Retreat Center
Green Pastures Prayer and Retreat Center


Green Pastures
Green Pastures

11 thoughts on “Mission 4 Monday

  1. Welcome Sharon & Green Pastures to Mission 4 Monday! I am so blessed by your joining! The home is beautiful and looks very refreshing! Thank you for your obedience to your calling and support of these missionaries. That is an awesome responsibility you have taken over but I was going to say exactly what you mentioned that God does not call the equipped, HE equips those called! Praise God for your parents!
    Thank You, Lord for the African missionaries and this place of repose for them! Bless Sharon and all that she has undertaken! Encourage her daily! Bring her your wisdom and direction! Many are the needs but You are Our Provider! There is nothing impossible for You! Bless Green Pastures and those that pass through these doors! Take Sharon into a new level of fulfilling her life purpose and message for You!
    Thank You for her heart. Continue to use her as You build in her more of You! Bless my sister Sharon as she serves!

    Bless you Sharon!!! Thank you for joining my meme and I pray each Monday you can keep us updated with how your mission is doing or whatever God lays on your heart to share from Africa! This has blessed me immensely! Thanks!

  2. Peggy thanks so much for the opportunity to participate and share what the Lord is doing all over the globe. You are truly blessed!

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I am so glad you participate in Mission 4 Monday and I can read your very encouraging Mission! Thank God for the way He has been using your parents so mightily in His Kingdom. And thank God for your love for the Lord and His people in your willingness to spend one year in Green Pastures. This is very encouraging.

    It is really wonderful that there is a center to cater to the needs of Missionaries and missions-minded people. There is indeed a great need for such a quiet and serene environment in an atmosphere where they can relax and just be with God. May God bless these Missionaries and missions-minded people as they labor for Him. My heart goes out to them as I read of how many of them suffer burn-out. I can understand that with the love for the Lord, His people and lost sinners and their zeal to do their best, it is easy to burn out. May God continue to strengthen them and provide respite for them in Green Pastures so that they can be refreshed by His Words and rest, and be renewed to continue serving Him wherever He places them.

    Thank God for your labors of love. May God be with you and your brethren as you serve Him together at Green Pastures. May God also continue to bless your parents in their work for the Lord. May God continue to train many missionaries and send them forth to His vineyard. May God use all of you and many more to the salvation of sinners and edification of saints. Thank you for visiting me and your encouraging comment. Take care!

    With love and prayers,

  4. Debra – thank you so much; I’ll really appreciate the prayers.

    Charlotte – I will look forward to this every week, thanks.

    Nancie – Thanks. Member care is a very important but sadly neglected aspect of missions. These people work and work and get little attention and care. It is a privilege to be able to serve them. God bless you.

    Denise – God bless you dear.

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