so sad

I’ve been nusring a kid for the past couple of days. It died today. I only had it for two days, but it hurts. I live on a farm and a day after the mother goat had it, she abandoned it so we had to bottle feed it. I really wanted it to live; I fed it, used my towel to wrap it against the cold, prayed for it… it still died.

If you ever find yourself getting out of touch with your emotions, go live on a farm. At least for a while.


7 thoughts on “so sad

  1. The precious “Word” of the Lord tells us that “It’s a wise man that careth for his animals”. He also knows of every sparrow that falls.

    I’m glad I found your site.


  2. You’ve always been kind and friendly to animals. From you I learnt to communicate with birds and win their trust. The Lord who saw the love and care you showered on His creature will comfort and reward you far beyond your dreams.



  3. Sharon…I’m so glad to have found your site again!! It didn’t dawn on me this was really you, until I posted the above comment

    Finally, I put up a post regarding the abuse. I titled it…Heartache At The Hands of The “Church”. It received 100’s of ‘hits’ but most were reluctant to have me post their comments. There are so many that are hurting, and it appears no one cares.


  4. Michelle – Thanks so much…I’m gald you found my site too. I love yours.

    Bereni – You bring comfort to my heart. I love you.

    HisFirefly – Thanks so much.

  5. You have a tender nurturing heart…Bereni is a lucky young man. BTW..thanks for the link to the farm blog….its’ been a little quiet over there lately…we’ve been very busy getting ready for a music festival in our barn…you guys are all invited!!!I guarantee you will have an awesome time…will post pictures after it’s over…Kristina the home engineer (another blogger who is on my blog role) will be coming w/ her son to visit…so bloggers really do meet in person from time to just never know ..we serve a mighty God. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much DM. I can tell you that Bereni knows how lucky he is lol. I would love to attend the music festival…who knows what the Lord can do?

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