Road trips, conferences and Bitterness

I’m finally back home! Hello everybody… I missed all my blogging friends. The journey was something else! Nigeria is a large country! Not as large as the US I’m sure, but it takes several days to cross from the west to the North. The journey was tiring but very interesting. I got to spend some time with both my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandma – the grandpa has been gone a long time.

We got to my maternal grandparents, late in the night – it is in a different state from the one we live in. So we were on this lonely stretch of road with only a few passing head lamps for company when this single, solitary head light started heading towards us. The first thing which caught my attention was how dim the light was, but I attributed that to a broken head lamp. Still, I decided to pay extra attention to the biker – I could see now that it was a motor bike. As he wheezed past, the most amazing extra ordinary sight caught my attention; what I thought was a broken head lamp was nothing more than a flash light placed in the riders’ mouth to illuminate the way for him. He had no head lamps at all! I thought my eyes were deceiving me, so I waited a beat, then simultaneously both my parents burst out laughing. It was incredible! We see all sorts in Nigeria, but this was something else. All in all, it was an interesting trip, even if the congress itself was somewhat uncomfortable.

The Missions Congress was organized by a group my dad started in the 1970s – which he was later schemed out of, but that’s another story for another day. I am glad I attended this congress; I did not realise I was harbouring any bitterness until I saw these faces who for the first 7 years of my life, were the only family I knew. Betrayal hurts, but rejection even worse and especially when both come from the people closest to you. The heart feels like it can never be whole again, like the soul would never recover; but it does. It might be an arduous journey, but it is possible to get over hurts. Oh well, enough about that already, the good thing is that after two decades of trying to rewrite history – erasing my dad’s name from their history as the founder, he was finally publicly acknowledged as the founder of the group. It should not matter, I know; after all, it was God’s work and it really isn’t important who started what, but I felt proud for my dad. As though all those years of hurts and heartache were for a reason somehow… I don’t know. We were really treated badly; someday I’ll write about that.

Right! On to positive stuff… Guys, my country is beeutiful! There are probably more beautiful places in the world, but Nigeria is the most beautiful to me. Here are some pictures I took on the long road journey. If you ever decide to visit, well I run a small retreat centre and you can be sure of a place to sleep – at least. So think seriously about your next vacation hmm.

  the ancient city of Ibadan


7 thoughts on “Road trips, conferences and Bitterness

  1. First, I would love to come visit some day…love to. Secondly, it is a miracle that you and your family all have as soft of hearts as you do after experiencing that sort of rejection. That is the sort of stuff Satan uses all the time to make shipwrecks of our faith…it is a powerful testimony to each of you in the family that were affected. I am thankful you made it back home.

    What do you call those white animals in your photo? Beautiful pictures!

  2. HisFirefly, it will be my pleasure to have you here! I will definitely be looking forward to hosting you whenever you decide to come!

    DM, You know my home will always be open to you (if the Guest House is filled
    The experience hurt…all of us. But I guess God allows us to go through stuff for a reason. My dad told us just last week, that during the missions congress the Spirit of God comforted him; he got to know that every seed had to die and that was him. Truly, it is the Lord’s work, so it doesnt matter if Paul sows and Apollos waters right?
    Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words.

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