My Knight in rusty armour

Day Twenty-seven of the Encouragement Challenge:

Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the LORD.”

Psalm. 31:24

You have almost completed the “30-Day Encouragement Challenge.” Perhaps it has taken you a tremendous amount of courage to speak words of encouragement consistently to your husband. Courage comes as we place our trust in God. Have faith that God will continue to work long after your encouraging words have been shared.

There are lots of “tough guys” in the world, but true courage comes from the Lord. Does your husband exhibit the courage to take an unpopular stand, perhaps even to stand alone against evil? Is he courageous in his faith? Does he work hard to change injustice? Is he a stickler for the truth? Does he protect you or your family from the attacks of the Enemy? (highlighting mine)

Psalm 27:14 says this kind of courage comes from “waiting” on the Lord for His strength. If your budget allows, “award” your husband with a medal, trophy, framed picture of a brave knight, or some other token that represents his courage as a man of God. Praise evidences of your husband’s courage in protecting you, your marriage, your family, or your home.

Revive Our Hearts

This challenge is a very deep one and has made me think since I first read it this morning. There are so many articles on the ideal husband and different ‘experts’ with crippled marriages have lists of what to look for in a man, but I guess when all is said and done, the highlighted words are what count. Character; that is what to look out for in a man.

Recently, I posted an article by Nora Blackman-Richards and these are some of the questions she asked:

Is he willing to give up his last dime to make you happy? Is he willing to work hard for the survival of your relationship? Is he willing to cut ties with a friend who has hurt you? Is he willing to stand up and defend your love? Will he be a good father? Is he open to spiritual growth? Is he spiritually compatible? Does he respect your mind? Will he be there for you emotionally as well as financially? It is only a man’s character that gives us the answers to the questions that really matter.

For a girl like me considering marriage, these are pertinent questions. I honestly searched my heart to see if my man fitted the bill. The answer was (still is) yes. Yes, he is willing to go the extra mile to make our relationship work; yes he will stand up and defend what we have; yes he will be a good father; he is open to spiritual growth… Yes everything!

To honour that, and to let you know B, that I really appreciate you, I am giving you an award. It’s called the Knight in Rusty Armour Award – in recognition of the fact that even though you are not perfect, you are still my knight.

Knight in Rusty Armour Award
Knight in Rusty Armour Award

7 thoughts on “My Knight in rusty armour

  1. Bereni – you make me happy, thank you

    ashe.selah – thanks for stopping; you really are sweet!

    Solomonsydelle – yeah it is isn’t it? Glad you came bye.

    Tiffanie – your hubby is one lucky guy! Thanks for the comment.

  2. having had the priviledge of working with you in the same office and on the same team for some asssignments- i can say you are a rare gem and a wonderful person.
    i am so happy that you do not believe in fairy tales but ain’t ashamed to appreciate your man-even though he’s imperfect. You encourage in many ways than one. I am so so proud that our paths crossed.
    Trust you are well now and have adjustd to life in the plateau…

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