I’m still not back home

Would you believe it, I managed to find a faltering and very epileptic wireless signal so I thought I’d quickly drop this post. I’m still not home yet and I’m missing every one of my blogging friends. We still have a few more days to go.

Thus far, the trip has been educational and very interesting…I would have posted a few pictures here but my laptop got this huge virus so I’m scanning it now. However, once it’s free I’ll upload the pictures. (took me almost an hour to upload the picture below, so I think I will wait till I get home).

The Congress has been something else…but I’ll write a full report on it once I get home. Or maybe before, who knows. In the meantime, I’ve been feeling kinda strange and I need help understanding what I’m going through? I feel a disconnect. I really don’t get it. Lately I’ve been feeling sort of removed from God. I still pray, read my Bible, I even know he’s there and that he hears me but I just can’t seem to feel him. This has created a deep and intense feeling of aloneness inside me. I have searched my heart inside out to see if there’s sin lurking anywhere and have confessed and asked for forgiveness – even for the ones I am not aware of because I know that sin causes separation. So why then am I feeling so unhinged? Am I just going through the motions? I know that God is much more than what I feel and that keeps me going.

On another note, I just finished the novel, Family by Karen Kingsbury. It was alright; not like Divine, but riveting still. Showed me that if you are on the right side (God’s that is), love WILL conquer all. I’m signing out for now, if I manage to get online again before I get home, then you will hear from me.
Thank you – all of you who have dropped comments. It warmed my heart to read from you all. God bless you!

One thought on “I’m still not back home

  1. The valley is not an uncommon place. Its a period we all go through at a point in time and its not always caused by sin. Since you’ve confessed all your sins, spend some time in praise, counting His blessings in your life and watch the refreshing transformation it’ll bring to your life. Love you

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