Musings on Trust

Gen 12:1 – when God wants to use a person or even to bless that person, he moves that person away from his comfort zone. Abram was not just taken from his father’s house, he was moved from his family and his country, taken to a place he had no idea about.

One thing I’m learning is that God cannot be stereotyped. Abram was 75 years old when he was moved out of everything he knew and was familiar with. (Gen 12:4) The amazing thing about all this is that Abram did just what the Lord told him – no questions asked.

Trust is something I particularly have an issue with; probably because when I about 7 years old, my family was betrayed by those closest to us. I found it very hard after that, to take people at face value. This spilled over to my relationship with God. I try so hard to do what he asks of me – such as moving back home when I really wanted to be in the same place my fiance is – but that unquestioning obedience which Abram displayed is a place of trust I have not yet attained. I ask; I want to understand why. . . I know God’s ways cannot be understood and I accept that; but tell that to the questions in my heart.

Sometimes where God places us can be uncomfortable, that does not mean he is not there with us in the midst of the discomfort. Abram faced famine and he did what a lot of us do when things get tough – we seek alternatives instead of going to the One who called us in the first place. (Gen 12:10) And any alternative to God is ALWAYS the wrong one. It is a regression; and so Abram went down into Egypt. Of course he ran into trouble there. God had to bail him out in the end (Gen 12:10-20). God is faithful like that.


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