My Passion – Cafe Chat

What is one thing or cause that you are passionate about? (More specifically, something you feel that the Lord has burdened your heart with)

I can answer this question in one word: People. To be more specific however, I would say that the cause I am most passionate about is helping young people live their lives to the fullest.

I am not sure how things are in other countries, but in Nigeria, unemployment is such an issue. As a result, it is not uncommon to see groups of young men and women just hanging around doing nothing. The formal education is totally inadequate; it gives training and prepares for white collar jobs and there just aren’t enough of that to go round. Other alternatives need to be explored and stealing is not an option.

I have this burden deep in my heart to open the eyes of the young people around me to how they can create jobs for themselves. In addition, I would like them to know, that with Christ and a positive attitude, they do not need to have millions in their bank accounts to live a comfortable life. I would like to see a generation of financially independent people, who love God.

That, basically is what I am passionate about. There are other things; but I think this really brings out the desire of my heart.

This was this week’s question at the Cafe; I want to throw it back to you – what are you passionate about? If you decide to answer this on your blog, go here and drop the link; we’ll stop by and say ‘hello’.


9 thoughts on “My Passion – Cafe Chat

  1. Oh my… Nigeria?
    One of the other things my heart is passionate about is Africa after 3 weeks in Uganda.
    I have written about the trip in my blog.
    for the children,

    Oh I’ll definitely check it out! I’ve never been to Uganda but Africa does need passionate hearts to pray.

  2. I know God will continue to use you to effect powerful change in the lives of young people! God bless you on your journey…May He bring you resources, contacts, open doors, and many young minds to impress with his love as you encourage them to live life to the fullest!

    Amen! Thanks Renee.

  3. Blessings Sharon…I’m sure that God will allow you and give you the grace to be effective in making a change in the lives of young people and unemployment in Nigeria. It sounds like a huge task…but one by one will be won by One for whom we
    declare our HOPE, FAITH and LOVE in Jesus Christ! May God continue to instill this positive influence and attitude on the youth! May YOU be given all you need to move your Passion into a reality! Great passion! Thank you for your passion!

    Hey Peggy! Amen! Thanks so much for the encouragement. God bless you.

  4. “…with Christ and a positive attitude…”

    You go girl! I know you will succeed because God placed that passion in your heart and you have Him and a positive attitude.

    By the way, I hope all is well with the move and all…

  5. Laurie Ann – Thank you so much! It is my greatest desire that He find me worthy of use.

    Tamia – I don’t believe anyone can really have a truly fulfilled life without a relationship with the Lord; I’ve been called myopic for that belief but I am unapologetic! How can a creation function without the Creator and His Manual (the Bible)? It’s sad to see people struggle without that peace and inner serenity which knowing Him can give. OK. I’m getting off my soap box; thank you for visiting.

    Lily my Friend! The move has been alright; I’m still struggling to unpack and just generally find my balance. I wish I could stroll to your house for a cup of coffee and a chit chat.

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