Free to Drink

I’ve had a running disagreement with my fiance about coffee. I drink it; he doesn’t. He has tried to get me to stop taking coffee but all he has managed thus far has been an “I’ll try”. Over the years, there have been several health scares relating to coffee consumption: Parkinson’s’, Pancreatic Cancer, hypertensions, to mention a few. Then again, quite a number of researchers have extoled the healthful qualities of coffee. The contradictions have been endless. However, if you are a coffee drinker, here’s good news! The New York Times ran an article by Jane E. Brody, dispelling some myths about coffee. Read the article here.


One thought on “Free to Drink

  1. I’m with you (and not just because I’m an addict or anything) I believe 1-2 cups a day are just fine and the research seems to bear this out.


    If you are a female with overly-tender breasts especially around your period or have tender lumps (fibrocystic breast disease) or have inflammatory arthritis like Rheumatoid arthritis…I’d stay away from ALL caffeine.

    Why, thank you Dr. Marks! Fortunately, I have none of those symptoms so I really am free to drink. Thanks for commenting, I’ll really appreciate your impute on this blog. I have a post about asthma (I don’t know if that’s your area of specialty); but would you please check it out? Here’s the link –

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