In the Comfort of His Will

In the discomfort of loneliness, in the drought of emptiness,

My strength is drawn from memories – the hope to carry on.

I fell in love with an Angel, amazed one leaved on earth

She brought joy unconfounding, and comfort to my soul

I found in her a mirror she found in me the same.

We share a lot in common, and love to say the least.

Ive vowed to make her happy, to let her know I care

Her worth is more than diamond, and I will make it known

I cherish moments with her, Ive never known one dull

We play we fight we make up but still cant get enough

a thousand years together and still we’ll ask for more.

So when our dear Lord asked that we give way for a while

I cried myself a river but couldnt stop His will

I know He means well for us, His perfect plan is best

Dear Lord please show us your plan, it’ll sooth this pain we feel

I thank you for this precious gift, I feel most blessed of men

I appreciate your blessings and answers to our prayers

I ask you for protection and zeal to do your will

For wisdom in our dealings, good health long life and love

Dear Lord you know I love her, but make me love you more

Lets share our moments with you and seek your love as well

We are your precious children willing to do your will

Please give us grace to follow and hope to carry on

Help us to find solace in the comfort of your will.

This is a poem my fiance sent to me a couple of days ago. I wrote about how hard this separation was going to be for me; it’s kinda nice to know that he misses me too.


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