Back Home – update

I’ve been home a few days and it has been a wonderful experience for the most part but I’ll get to that later. My mum is excited having me around – she’s one of my best friends so we never run out of what to talk about. I am going to teach her to blog soon so she will soon be on the ‘net.

I came home just in time for a conference… it’s called the Koinonia Conference and it is for missionaries and mission minded people. I’ll just run through the workshop topics:

  • Health, Tent Making and Research Techniques;
  • The World of the Internet;
  • Accounts and Book Keeping;
  • Generating support and Mobilization;
  • Spiritual Warfare;
  • Discipleship;
  • Community Development and Empowerment;
  • Youth Missions.

The Speakers are from all over Africa, Kenya, Chad and Congo… not to forget the Nigerian Speakers! People are coming from all over the continent and I feel privileged to participate. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, I’m back home to stay for the next one year. I have this peace deep down inside my soul; I am where I ought to be right now. Nevertheless, it hurts. Hurts being apart from my man, knowing we won’t be seeing for awhile. Speaking on the phone is definitely not the same thing. I feel this . . . longing? I don’t know. I wandered around the house this evening wondering what I was going to do with myself for the next how many months. How on earth am I going to live through this separation? Why would God ask such a thing from us?

I can’t answer the whys. Wish I could. But the Bible says His ways are not ours. Plus we do not always have to be happy with His decisions. I know this is where God wants me to be at present. However, knowing does not make it easier to bear. But a lot of the times, obedience to God is not easy. And that’s OK. It does not have to be easy.

So to answer one of the questions, I probably cannot live through this separation – not on my own. But He has promised me that His grace is sufficient for me. So I will trust Him to live this through me. It will probably get harder, but I will not trade the peace which comes from doing the will of God.

5 thoughts on “Back Home – update

  1. Such a wise, young woman. That is hard to be seperated for a year. It will definitely be a time of challenge and growth. Those are not bad things. Like you said, His grace is sufficient. I have to tell myself the same, as I am facing divorce. Life’s hard, but God is good!

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