Tag: I’m IT (so are you)

Ehm…well, I got tagged by Lily at Lily of the Valley.

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Right! So here goes. . .
I bite my fingernails. Yes I know, it’s a disgusting habit and I’ve ‘broken’ out of it several times but each time I get anxious or confused…. yep! I start nibbling;
I hated the classroom in school (still do actually). All those borrring lectures! I’d rather read up on the subject, or be shown or better still, told it in story form. I still wonder how I earned my degree… oh well!
I’m a daydreamer; I am a dreamer, fullstop. Which might explain why I hate the classroom so much. I felt trapped in those ‘four walls’. I’d sit near the window, turn my eyes a little to the side, catch sight of a bit of blue sky and I’m off to Timbuktu! Naturally, I loved movies like Bedknobs and Broomsticks; Chitty Chittty Bang, Bang; I completely identified with Maria in Sound of Music; Well, you get the idea;
I absolutely adore Cartoons! I don’t care which: Tom & Jerry; The Perils of Penelope Pittstop; Jimmy Neutron; The Flintstones….oooh, just bring it on! I really do feel sorry for all those who can’t enjoy Cartoons and look down on those who can.
I am nocturnal. Truly. And it is a family trait. We can all talk the whole night through. It was just perfect for me at University; I could read through the night and then sleep the whole day (remember, I hated lectures).
OK. What next? Uhm . . . Every morning (except when I’m down with malaria as I was last weekend), I have this funny ritual where I dance in front of the mirror in my bathroom and make funny faces at myself and generally allow myself those 5 minutes of insanity.
Oh, before I’m through I’d love to share my new Avatar from Meez.Com. Took me all evening to get it right and even now I’m not so sure…

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

Now here’s who’s next:

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