Basic Truth – who cares … That you live or die?


*JEHORAM… was thirty-two years old when he became king and reigned for eight years in Jerusalem. There were no tears shed when he died–it was good riddance…” **(2Ch 21:20 MSG)** *
Life is all about meaning, fulfilment, achievements and legacies. No one wants to live a life that is considered “useless”, and no one wants to die leaving no legacies or good memories. What social psychologists term “middle-age crisis” is simply that point in a person’s existence when he or she struggles with, among many other issues, a sense of under achievement or meaninglessness.

“Check it out, people whose lives are celebrated and whose deaths are regretted are those who lived for God and through God, touched other lives.”



Sam KPUTU is a missionary with CAPRO MISSIONS, an African indigenous and non-denominational missionary organization. CAPRO Missions seeks to disciple, mobilize, train and deploy missionaries from Africa to Africa and the remaining unreached parts of the world. She currently has over 500 missionaries serving in various ministries in 24 countries of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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