On Purity & girls

Ever since I first blogged on Purity balls, I have been curious about them; A good blogging friend left a comment on the post and it threw some light but it was still a strange custom to me; What exactly was the motivaton? What went on in the heads of these dads as they attended these functions with their daughters? Was it just to populate the world with even more virgins? What happens if these girls don’t remain virgins?

All these questions have been parading my mind. So when I read this article by Nancy Gibbs of the New York Times, I felt a bit better:

The message, they say, is about integrity, being whole people, heart and soul and body.

You can find the whole article here.


2 thoughts on “On Purity & girls

  1. I’m really glad fathers are taking initiative to protect their children even at a very young age. It’s awesome and we may not be perfect but God will always be there to help us through.

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