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Famine in the land of promise? Gen.26:1-17

*”The LORD had appeared to Isaac and had said, “Do not go to Egypt; stay in this land, where I tell you to stay. Live here, and I will be with you and bless you...” (Gen 26:2, 3 GNB) *

* *

*Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt you followed God’s leading for your life, at least to the best of your understanding, and all you met were challenges, darkness and ‘stones’? Perhaps you are even in a similar situation right now. What do you do?*

You are not alone on this road, several of God’s children walked that same road in the past, and many are on it right now. We can learn from their experiences how to face “famines” in our “lands of promise”


  • Israel left Egypt under God’s sovereign guidance only to be stuck at the red sea (Ex.14:1,2)
  • Abraham, the father of faith, left home in obedience only to encounter famine (Gen.12:10)
  • Jacob obeyed his father but found ‘darkness and stones” on the way (Gen.28:2,11)
  • Isaac, in the passage above, got to the land only to meet another famine (Gen.26:1-5)

How did they handle their “famines”? What is the natural reaction in a situation like this?


– *Head back to “Egypt”,* from where you were coming. That’s what Abraham did, that’s what Isaac set out to do and that’s what the children of Israel under Moses contemplated.

– *Blame yourself or your “leader”* for either not hearing God well for yourself or heeding an unsure prophecy. That’s what the children of Israel did.

– *Make peace with the people* of the land in compromise and enjoy whatever temporary benefits that brings, that is what Lot did in Sodom.

Friend, you may be facing such a “famine” situation in your marriage, career or ministry. I faced it when I moved in obedience to the Lord to start a new kingdom work, I almost quit. That was when the Lord inspired me through this lesson. What to do in a situation like this?


  1. Do not go “down” to Egypt, even if your Egypt appears more promising (vs.2)
  2. Tarry a while in your land of promise, that calls for patience (vs.3)
  3. Go back to the Lord to have His promises renewed (vs.3-5)
  4. Resist the temptation to alter your standards and values (vs.7)
  5. Like Jacob, turn the “stones” to pillows of rest; rather than carry the challenge on your head, cast your cares on the Lord in prayer (Gen.28:11; 1Pet.5:7)


When faced with “famine” in your land of promise, quitting or changing vision and values is not the option. Remaining steadfast and trusting brings God through for you. Like Isaac, the Lord comes through and makes you an envy of all. Like Jacob, the heavens open over your land of darkness and stones, turning it to a Bethel.


*Ever Learning, Ever Growing …To Be My Utmost For His Highest!*



Sam KPUTU is a missionary with CAPRO MISSIONS, an African indigenous and non-denominational missionary organization. CAPRO Missions seeks to disciple, mobilize, train and deploy missionaries from Africa to Africa and the remaining unreached parts of the world. She currently has over 500 missionaries serving in various ministries in 24 countries of Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

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