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Name what you think should be your first 5 priorities in life? Then order those priorities the way they actually are at present in your own life. Do they match up? Why or why not? If needed, what is one thing that you can do today that will help your two lists match up?


This is a very sobering question. I had to go sit on my balcony with an old fashioned pen and notebook (my journal) to think this through. Here goes:


My First 5 Priorities in Life

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. Service
  4. Friends
  5. Me
Reality Check
  1. God and Family (this includes my relationship) are battling for supremacy. In my head and my heart, God will always be first but my actions say something different. I find myself not paying as much attention to God as I should; less time in prayer and less Bible reading.
  2. Friends
  3. Service
  4. Everything else
  5. Me. I do not spend enough time with me. . . I’m my best friend, I love my company so this hurts.
Fix It: My first choice would be to take the Paul option; you know, when Paul , the apostle in the Bible, first got converted, he retreated into the wilderness…many times i crave the wilderness experience – just retreating completely from everyone and everything for a while. But right now, that’s not possible so in the alternative, the one thing I can do to fix my priorities is to spend more time with the Lord. That usually straightens me out.
If you would like to be in on this discussion or read what others have to say, head on over to the Cafe Chat.

7 thoughts on “Priorities – cafe chat

  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Priorities. It seems that we all fall a bit short of our expectations. I’m so glad that it is God who accomplishes the changes and keeps prompting us into cooperation. Blessings –

    Hi Edie,

    You are so right – it all rests in God. Thanks for the visit.

    God bless, Sharon~

  2. Great post. I also had to get away and talk it over with God first for my post.

    I too have craved the “wilderness” time away with God alone, but now, when I find myself there, I long for the fellowship of friends and family. Grass always seems greener over there huh? May we worship Him where we are!


    Mhmm. . . so true. Thanks for the visit.
    God bless

  3. I’m sorry your long comment didn’t come through – sometimes that happens with WordPress… Thanks for visiting though! Spending more time with the Lord seems to be key for all of us. 😉

    I’m even more sorry Becki. Thanks for the visit…

  4. I am so glad that this question got you thinking about things… I feel like several major life changes all began with answering a question in my life… Blessings as you seek to spend more time with God…

    Thank you so much for stopping by. . . Cafe Chat is a meme I really look forward to; may God richly reward your efforts.
    Blessings, Sharon~

  5. I liked your thoughts and sighed longingly as I read about your craving for a wildeness experience. Me too, me too.

    God Bless!

    ah Christine… we all do! Unfortunately we can’t retreat from life; I’ve been longing to for ages! Ah well…

    Thanks for visiting.
    Blessings, sharon~

  6. Sharon, you always inspire me. You are a gem! I know that everytime I stop by, I will gain something.


    ~That’s the nicest comment I’ve had! Thank you so much, you’ve made my day!!!!

    God bless you.
    Love, sharon~

  7. “…the one thing I can do to fix my priorities is to spend more time with the Lord. That usually straightens me out.”

    Usually straightens me out too:)

    Have a great week.

    Thanks for stopping by Peculiar, have a great week too!

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