Apply Wisdom

Day Seventeen:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Prov. 9:10

Are you a wise woman? Do you open your mouth with wisdom, as Proverbs 31:26 suggests? As you continue in your 30-day challenge, remember that a wise woman encourages her husband.

Is your husband a “wise man?” Does he have a godly perspective that comes from knowing God and walking with Him in obedience? Does he have a sense of purpose for his life and vision for your home? Tell him how much this means to you.

If you are not sure about your husband’s vision for your home, ask him, “Honey, what do you want to accomplish with our marriage and home in the years to come?” and “How can I help you accomplish that?” If he does not have a vision, your questions may inspire him to develop one.

If your husband is not walking with God – or perhaps, does not know the Lord – you have the opportunity and responsibility to practice your faith and create a thirst for God.

Thank God for giving your husband a place in his heart that only He can fill, and keep praying that he will turn to the Lord to fill that vacuum!

By Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Published by Revive Our Hearts, © 2005.
Permission granted to photocopy in the exact form, including copyright. All other uses require written permission.

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I have been blessed with a “wise man”. His love for God is evident in everything he does. . . he is motivated by the need to please God in his life and actions. But we have never really talked about our respective goals for our marriage. And I guess the time is perfect as we are not married yet. Anyway, I decided to ask him.

* He wants a home where we can raise godly children… they would be taught Bible principles but given the freedom to discover things for themselves (hmmm…).

* He wants a home where young people would feel at home and we’ll both be able to mentor them. (OK).

* He wants us to compliment each other in our ministries and to serve God.

* We would be committed to supporting the work of God anyway we can.


Looks like he really thought about this. We were interrupted so we’ll have to talk about this some more.

A brief background: Both our parents served God extensively. My parents were and still are missionaries who have gone into full time service – that means they do not earn a salary so as children we got to see faith in action. If we needed anything, we were told to ‘ask God for it’.

His parents on the other hand served God through their professions. His dad is late, but he was an ophthalmologist and was known for his love for God and sole dedication to the Lord. He gave freely of his time and expertise to help people who could not afford eye care. His mum too, serves the Lord completely.

I think I am blessed to have such family around me.


One thought on “Apply Wisdom

  1. If you read the Book of acts then you did notice that the emphasis on the Holy Spirit, and distributing money, food to the local poor people was part of the reason the churches next were so popular and growing. While in contrast today many Chruches. pastors, members, adherents, are selfish cheapskates.

    Secondly all pastors, elders, ministers should be called specifically for their Ministry directly by God. Most of them today have not been called for the ministry, for they are hirelings.

    True pastors, elders, ministers would firstly daily read their Bible for one hour and pray daily for others.

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