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I am usually very skeptical when I hear things like ‘spiritual profile’… I mean, what does that mean? How can spirituality be categorized especially when it comes to Christianity? Anyway, skeptical or not, I like to try things. So when I saw this quiz by explorefaith.org, I decided to try it. The introduction to the quiz was what sold me on it; here’s a bit . . . “…this quiz also reminds us that we are all works in progress, that portraits begun in black and white come alive when we add color.” Isn’t that beautiful?

From the first question I could see where they were coming from and it really made sense. This was my own result. Even though they did say that my responses are not simply conclusions, they are beginning points for new discoveries, brilliant adventures and fruitful growth.


Lovers are people who naturally connect with the Holy One through their emotions.

They feel deeply that no matter what they do or do not do, they are held safely in the embrace of God’s love. They focus on the generosity, mercy, and compassion of God and believe that even when judgment or justice seems called for, God’s response is one of tenderness. They seek to relate with the Holy One through inner reflection. They tend to be more emotional in their prayer and in reading the signs of God’s presence. If they were to meet God face to face, they would want to open themselves completely to God’s intoxicating love and show their love in return.

One such person in the Bible was Mary of Bethany. She had a tenderness for Jesus that led her to acts of love for him even when she might have been ridiculed for her unorthodox behavior (John 12:1-9). She had the confidence that she was being invited into a space of love and being surrounded in that divine embrace gave her the desire to show her deep love in return.

If you are a lover, you will find prayer and meditation likely ways to deepen your love relationship with the Holy One; the prayer and meditation section of explorefaith.org may assist you in this. They offer guidance as to when, where, how and why to pray, as well as tools for meditating with art, music, journaling, poetry and more.

Lovers may find it more difficult to think about the more theological aspects of faith. To develop this part of your spiritual life you may want to include reading and reflecting upon explorefaith.org’s Explore Faith section, as well as Following a Sacred Path, which explores diverse types of spirituality, and the many reviews in explorefaith’s Books section.


I was tagged a ‘lover’. There are several others of course, from believer, seeker, thinker to maverick! … so head on over and take your test. I hope you share it with me.


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4 thoughts on “a spiritual profile

  1. I can’t wait to take the spirtual quiz. I did a personality profile in bible study recently, so it will be interesting to see how they relate. I will have to come back and let you know how it goes. Thanks for visiting my blog. It is always fun to have comments.

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