Conquering Giants

Often, when God lays something on you heart, it seems impossible at first because, in the natural, you can’t see how it can possibly happen. Yet, if you press in and ask God to show you the way and give you what you need to bring it about, the seemingly impossible often becomes possible.

The key to seeing your dreams come to pass is to look with eyes of faith and shrink mountainous obstacles to the molehills they really are with faith filled prayer.

Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible; calling forth that which is not yet, as though it were. (Romans 4)

If you only ever attempt the possible you won’t have very strong faith muscles

I encourage you to listen to what God is saying to you and then reach for what He puts on your heart with fervent, faith-filled prayer, followed by focused action.

Faith without works is dead

If I had allowed not knowing how to create a web presence or build a website stand in the way of reaching for my dream, I wouldn’t have a website and God wouldn’t have been able to use me to bless so many people in so many nations.

It was a huge challenge. In January 2007 I began with an idea and determination to finally do what God had laid on my heart and conquer my giants. And I discovered that nothing is impossible with God. As I have leaned on Him and dared to step out, He has provided the help and inspiration that I needed.

In 1985 I was single and and thirty and had begun to wonder if God would ever give me the husband and children I longed for. I reminded Him of His promises and reached out in faith even though in the natural I couldn’t see anyone who I would be happy to have as my hsuband.

A week later, a colleague introduced me to Tim, and I soon knew that God had given me one of his treasure. 6 weeks later Tim asked me to marry him and just 12 weeks later we were married.

We went on to have 5 children and we celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary on Sunday 20th July, on my 54th birthday. We have had many adventures in God along the way. We have faced many seemingly impossible situations. Our first child needed major surgery and if we hadn’t reached out in faith and put our hope in God she would have died when she was only a few weeks old.

Our life together has had its share of difficulties, but as we have reached out and trusted God He has rewarded our faith and made a way where there seemed no way.

I encourage you to pray and believe and act on what you hear God say. When you do that you’ll find that you become a giant slayer too.

Don’t just pray when you feel like it or when you have to because things are so bad that you cry out in desperation. Schedule time with God and keep your appointment.

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tyre?

Jesus is interceding for you and He has given you the Holy Spirit as your helper. He promised that He would never leave you or forsake you. He is always with you. Stop for a moment and think about that, let it sink in. Jesus Himself is interceding for you.

Someone once said that your prayers lay the track down which God’s power can come – like a mighty locomotive, His power is irresistible, but it cannot reach you without rails.

Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees. Don’t let anything keep you from praying, reach out to God and know that He will meet you were you are.

Prayer is a dialogue. God’s voice in response to yours.Discover how to hear God and act on what you hear. Your life will never be the same again.

This article is written by Lynne Lee and is used with her kind permission.


Lynne Lee is a Christian life coach, who helps people to see themselves through God’e eyes and live life as He intended.

Copyright © 2008, all rights reserved. The 5 Minute Life Coach is a publication of Christian Life Coaching Permission is granted to reproduce, copy or distribute this newsletter provided that The 5 Minute Life Coach is kept intact, and this copyright notice and full information about contacting Lynne are included.


One thought on “Conquering Giants

  1. Do not fear the Lord’s angels
    Seeing angels is a very rare experience, although I myself can give witness of seeing these angelic beings throughout my life. Yet others, including my wife has never seen an angel, yet, she believes in angels just as much as I do.
    My experience of seeing these angelic beings has not increased my faith, you would think that it would but it doesn’t, for the measure of my faith has come from the Lord.
    There is no need to fear angels, for if the Lord wanted you to witness them He would certainly remove any fear.
    Now some people think that by going into spiritual things, that this would cause you to witness evil spirits as such. But let me assure you of God’s Word, if you ask your heavenly Father for bread, He will not give you a stone, and if you ask Him for a fish, He will not give you a serpent, or ask for an egg, He won’t say, “here is a scorpion”, your heavenly Father will give you the Holy Spirit, if you ask Him. This is the teachings of Jesus.
    Will He not give the knowledge of His angels to you if you ask Him? He certainly will not give you evil spirits. The scripture Luke 11v 13, proves this, do read.
    The need to know this teaching in these days could not be more needed by Christians who are under attack as never before.
    Now the Bible calls our body a vessel, or flesh, and this vessel is too weak to hold God’s Word
    Do you remember when Jesus said to His disciples the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Matthew 26.41,
    yet, we have many people today who believe that by quoting the Word of God alone you can overcome anything, this certainly is not true.
    For we need the Word of God and His heavenly host of angels to confront and destroy the evil in this world, for evil constantly seeks to destroy us.
    Now I would like to give you a little information about some of God’s holy angels. But first I must stress to you a very important word that the Lord has given to me. That angels can be commanded to retrieve the promises of God, and to attack the problems in your lives. But on no occasion would the Lord have us to pray to angels, or seek to converse with angels, for this is forbidden by the Lord. For we only make our petitions to God through Jesus Christ.
    Now the Holy scriptures speaks of the Watchers, angelic angels, Daniel chapter4v17. From the Holy scriptures I will give you some names of Holy angels, and their God given ministry on this earth.
    Holy angel Michael, who presides over human virtue, commands nations, and has the power to stop wars, he is merciful and patient. He is the one who crushes the head of the devil.
    Holy angel Gabriel, presides over paradise, and is in charge of the cherubim’s, and other holy angels, he is known as a messenger of God, he has great power given to him by God.
    Holy angel Raphael, who presides over the spirits of men, also is known to bring healing from God to God’s people.
    Holy angel Raguel, he inflicts punishment from God on the evil people of this world, and evil spirits.
    Holy angel Uriel, one of the Holy angels who watch, he presides over clamour, and terror in the world.
    Holy angel Phanuel, presides over those who repent and those who hope in Christ for their eternal life.
    Holy angel Sarakiel,he watches the people who are evil, and records their evil in a book of remembrance.
    The main commandment that the Lord has given to His angels is to restore the earth, which the evil fallen angels have corrupted, and to announce life to it.
    There are other angels who surround the throne of God’s glory, who never, never sleep, but watchers His throne of glory, they are seraphim, cherubin and ophanin, and beyond them innumerable, thousands of thousands, and myriads of myriads, who surround our Lord’s throne.

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