Just a little bit…

I had someone write a comment about a blog I wrote earlier and really in truth the simple encouragement that reads out of two syllables and practically no muscular effort of the vocal chords set me thinking of writing more, thinking out of my present box and projecting more to everyone and anyone who cares to listen.

Well, come to think about it…..how many musicians would have won Grammies, how many actors would have received Emmy /Oscar recognition, how many scientists would have mounted the Nobel Laureate podiums, how many footballers would have lifted up trophies, how many children would have turned out impressively genius……had one person or the other, one circumstance or the other, one experience or the other not DISCOURGED them?

Worse still, how many more could have been had someone or something encouraged them? Have you not heard that a man took his son to meet Jesse Owens some years back and against all odds, saw the great athlete with his son. Years later that son turned out to be Carl Lewis, who did not only repeat the feats of Jesse Owens but even did way much more. Or haven’t you heard about how a father and his son had to be in the parking lot for so many hours out of the father’s initiative all just to see a famous producer and musician,Teddy Riley and then years later that son has broken more records in the industry than that famous musician and who else could have been the son if not Rodney ‘DARKCHILD’ Jerkins.

See I don’t have a problem with discouragement because it’s up to the personality of the discouraged to sumount its mountains and more often than not, most people get through as a gross function of time. What I have a problem with, like earlier said, is the so many who didn’t even realise they could have been because life failed to recognise their potentials in its most raw forms and life failed one step further in encouraging them.So what do you and I have? Better Ronaldinhos, more versatile Tupacs, more genuis Einstens, more creative Piccassos, more enterprising Bill Gates, more visionary Kennedys and the list goes on of all these could-have-beens being in mostly wanna-be situations of life. Small wonder some of us hit the most dreaded mid-life crises and burn out only for a choice few to retrace their steps back to the innocence of youth where they once again discover the things that once brought them joy.

At this juncture, for most, they would have gone a million light years above ‘the lack of encouragement’. Even at the base of this zenith of discovery, a little word, action or endeavour of encouragement would go a long way in making their ascent faster than it would have normally been.

So, now I am on a quest to not only encourage myself but more importantly, to encourage out of those around me the virtues (potential waiting to be released) that lay dormant in them because I may have just been the only encouragement they never knew!!!!



Written by Peter-Ben ‘Femi Anifalaje.


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