Journey to self…

I have heard and read stories about a man or woman who would leave family and friends to go and discover self. Since industrialists embraced the use of the production line and communism lost its hold in other parts of the world, the desire for self discovery has been burning bright in most people.

Over time, several methods have been employed one of which is withdrawal. We hear of folks who withdraw totally from everyone and everything, then go to a Tibetan Monastery in order to reaffirm their individuality.

I think self discovery is more than just an expression of individuality – even though that plays a major part. Self discovery to me, is realising that unique purpose for which I was created. I do not know if isolating one’s self is the answer, however I know that for some, they found their self nestled in the arms of society. And I guess this was the case with Barack Obama. This was what I read on the New York Times website

In fact, Mr. Obama, the son of a black father and white mother, was on a search for racial identity. In his memoir, Mr. Obama reflected on the grainy, black-and-white images of the civil rights struggles that his mother showed him when he was a boy and how they reminded him “that I wasn’t alone in my particular struggles.”

(Read the whole article here)

Senator Obama began his self actualization in community. Really gets one thinking. An African proverb says there are many ways to the market. I guess the American equivalent would be there are many ways to skin a cat.

My own journey to myself is still a long long road. And thus far, it has been eclectic; I have found myself withdrawing from people and immersing myself in people alternatively. I do not think there is any one specific way to know your purpose and reason for living but then, I am still on the road to discovery and would appreciate all the help. How has your own journey been thus far? Have you finally discovered who and what you were meant to be? What methods did you employ in that discovery? I would love to hear from you.


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