My Mum, My Mentor

Today is my mum’s birthday. That is why I delayed my Cafe Chat post till today. It was just so right. The cafe chat topic was:

Do you have a godly (woman) mentor in your life? If so, describe your relationship with her… If you don’t have a mentor, would you like one and what would you hope to gain from the relationship?

For me, that person (godly mentor), is that woman up there. That picture was taken 2 years ago and that’s me on the right.

My mum. . . Wow. I’m as speechless as I was last year when I was called to give a speech at her 50th birthday party. Words are so inadequate when it comes to describing a woman like that.

She taught me almost everything I know. She introduced me to the Lord from the cradle (actually, she started reading the Bible to me while I was still in her womb!).

She’s my best girlfriend and yet, she has this way of snapping into the mamma role whenever it is called for. She’s the one I usually run to when I get into trouble and almost without fail, her answer to all my troubles starts with “let us pray“.

She taught me the real meaning of commitment. My mum always planned to return to school to get her Masters’ degree. . . she never did and I know why. My dad, my brothers and I. Even when things were tough and any woman would be forgiven for running out, she stayed. I once told her that if I was half the woman she was, I would consider myself accomplished. She cried. She thought I did not see the tears, but I did.

My mum taught me that:


  1. The first recourse is always prayer;
  2. When you love, you sacrifice;
  3. Being a helpmeet means wearing several caps: mother, wife, director, teacher, organiser, coordinator, etc;
  4. When the going gets tough, the tough only get going;
  5. Discipline can only work when there is love;
  6. When someone is talking to you, drop everything and give them 100% attention – she still does that for my brothers and I.
She taught me so many other things which I have not listed here. To me, she has been the personification of Proverbs 31.
Happy Birthday Mum!

4 thoughts on “My Mum, My Mentor

  1. Sharon this is a beautiful tribute to you mum! I always longed for my mother to be a mentor, but that just isn’t the way it worked in my life and I have learned that is alright.

    You are blessed to have such a mother in your life….so blessed.

    ~Thank you so much Sharon…oh yes, I’ve been blessed. And you are so right, it is alright too. Have a lovely week ahead!

  2. That is amazing Sharon! We would all be so lucky to have a mother like yours! You are both beautiful…Thanks for sharing.

    ~Thanks Lily; participating in the cafe chat has been an honnor~

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