Not Giving Up!

Sometimes it is easier to give up, but not always. Growing up, I had this constant thirst to go into business. My mum told me that as far back as when I was about 6 years old, I’d try to sell off all my shoes! It was much later in life I discovered that I belonged to a tribe of business people (believe it or not); that is what my tribe is mostly known for.

Well, I’v tried my hands at different types of businesses. Once, during a vacation while I was still in Secondary School (High School), I started selling a local drink in recycled bottles. It was non alcoholic and I made variations to the local recipe so it really caught on. I could keep up with the demand and I closed shop. Another time, just after University, I opened a boutique selling fairly new clothes but I had to go to law school and the sales girl also decided to take several days off, every week. The shop was closed more than it was opened, so I folded that up too.

These are just two of countless adventures I’ve had. I choose to call them adventures even though my dad sees them as my failures. But how can they be failures? They are just the testing ground for the real business…this is where I get to learn what works and what does not.

I have refused to give up. I could give my bloodlines as the reason; but it’s more than that. It is a fierce determination in me to eventually be the best in my chosen niche. See, I believe I have a choice and I choose to not give up.


3 thoughts on “Not Giving Up!

  1. Theres Power in failure. I think its good to fail your only going to learn what not to do next time.

    ~I think so too, thanks.

  2. Amen to that, Sharon. We should not give up – even when our knees get bloody at times. I wanted to give up so many times on some things in my life, but God always found someone to encourage me 🙂

    Don’t give up your dreams – God is huge – and with Him all things are possible!

    Thanks a lot Iris… encouragement is what keeps us and your life has been an encouragement. God bless you!

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