What Does Time Mean to You


We often hear the phrase before time. It would be just as accurate to say, before humans felt the need to quantify, to become more efficient, to maximize profits, to duplicate their efforts and move away from instinct. Have you ever said, I’m hungry, only to follow that statement with what time is it? We have become so dependent on time that when our bodies tell us that we are hungry, we must first consult the watch on our wrist or the clock on the wall to verify that our bodies’ messages are indeed sincere. It’s six o’clock, I should eat something!

Too often I’m reminded not of the importance of time but rather of the urgency that time has in my life. Horses remind me of this.

What is time to a horse? Sure there’s feeding time and there is nap time, but beyond these things, what is time to a horse? There is no prescribed time in which a new foal must learn to run from a predator. Foals know only that the must learn to run before being eaten. There are no certain number or hours that a prospective alpha horse must spend proving herself capable of that position.

So what is time to a horse? Time is survival. Time is relationship. Time is herd status. Time is family.

Taken from Time Well Spent, a journal from the author of Horse, Follow Closely…

For more on the author, GaWaNi Pony Boy, check here.


2 thoughts on “What Does Time Mean to You

  1. I love this. Check out the book God’s Blogs by Lanny Donoho.Really a neat concept book, and in it Donoho (as God) explains how “time” works for God.

    “Today I AM chatting with Moses and today I Am speaking to James McDaniel who was born in 2021 and is praying for his mother right now.”

    ~Hmmm…an interesting concept. I’ll check it out now~

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