Finding a Right Balance

My day didn’t go right. Everything that could possibly go wrong did just that! At the end of the day, I looked at my TO DO list and could have wept in frustration. I barely mumbled a prayer in the morning; every other item was left undone. I don’t know if its just me or if that happens to you as well. I have many days like that…sometimes in succession. I try really hard not to beat myself up but its not easy. Is it possible to achieve a balance between over-achievement and complacence? I don’t know…


3 thoughts on “Finding a Right Balance

  1. Sharon,

    Your post was reflective of my own life. When I was in college, one of my professors said, “You have two speeds. Fast and faster”. At the time, I thought it was funny. It’s not so funny any longer.

    Although many years have passed, I have come to realize that, “Yes”…there is a balance between over-achievement and complacency. However, it’s a daily struggle to maintain this balance. As soon as I try to depend upon myself to stay balanced like this…I fall flat.

    The worst was the continual “blaming” inner voice (the enemy) trying to heap guilt & condemnation on me. You already know that our total dependence is upon Him who loves us.

    Blessing To You,


    ~WOW Michelle…thanks so much for the comment.

    This balance thing is something I’m really struggling with right now. I’ve given it to God but I guess I have some control issues so I wrest it right out of His hands again.

    Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone in this struggle. God bless you…


  2. Sharon,

    You are more than welcome, my Sister. I’ve lived long enough to know that none of us have a complete handle on all issues of life…we all need one another to “see” clearly. Just as the “Word” tells us…’every part has need of the another’.

    There have been times it appeared as if I trusted the post office more than I did the Lord. (It pains me to confess this…but it’s the truth) When I’d mail a bill or a letter…I never wonder “if” it’s going to arrive at it’s intended destination. Yet, there are times I’d pray and leave it with the Lord (or at least I thought I had)…next thing you know…I’d be fretting about it.

    Obviously, after so many years these times are not as frequent. However, where I may have grown in faith…I may not be as far as you in a different area. The Lord truly is all Wisdom! He knows exactly what we need, and how to get it to us.

    He also knows we cannot make it on our own…He has His people in strategic places. He places those in our path that can give us a “faith boost” šŸ™‚

    Sharon…No, you’re not alone in this. Problem is the enemy tries to shoot his “darts of doubt” at us…however, the Lord has gone before us and knows ALL things.

    God Bless You, Sharon!


  3. I have had many days like that. A million things to do and nothing getting done. I actually have come to realize that sometimes the more I have to do, the more I avoid doing anything. Yes, even for consecutive days sometimes!

    However, I know that if I don’t get back up and repent and then try to do better as soon as possible, instead of wallowing in guilt. If I wallow, things only get worse. The word let’s us know a righteous man falls seven times and rises back up!(Proverbs 24:16) It also admonishes us to forget those things which are behind and press toward the mark of the high calling!(Phillipians 3:13).

    Mmmmm….I’m getting encouraged about my own life, just typing these scriptures. I’m so glad that God gives us brand new mercy each day!

    ~Thank you…thank you!! I am encouraged just reading this. I know guilt is one of the ways the enemy uses to hold us down (that and fear), but thank God for the One who is greater than our conscience!

    Thanks for the visit, please come again….God bless~

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