Encouraging Me

I have been behind with my Thankful Thursday posts – mostly because I’ve been ill. However, this week I’m late because I really did not feel like posting anything; I’ve been feeling quite discouraged.

Well, I decided to combine my Thankful Thursday post with Ten Things Tuesday. I know in the latter I’m supposed to be thankful for things that happened today, but X-Box wife, you’re just going to have to forgive me.

In order to encourage myself, I decided to do a celebratory. This is a list of things I have to celebrate. The last one I did was in January, so I figured that halfway into the year, I should be due for another. So here goes!

  1. I have successfully sent our 6 issues of Sharon’s newsletter.
  2. I started this blog and I’ve been consistent with it. Somewhat.
  3. I made 3 wonderful friends online.
  4. I marked one year of dating B. (Yippee!!!)
  5. I lost some weight.
  6. I call home more often.
  7. I received an autographed copy of Jerry White’s book and oh, what a blessing!
  8. Friends…good and loyal friends are invaluable and I have both (good & loyal).
  9. Thankful Thursday…focusing on gratitude has been great in realigning my attitude.
  10. Ten Things Tuesday…I’ve met some really nice ladies through this.

These are all things to be thankful for. They might not look like much, but I believe its the little things that count.


10 thoughts on “Encouraging Me

  1. Sharon,

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Good post. I think Thankful Thursday has been beneficial as I focus on being thankful. I’m going to have to check out Ten Things Tuesday.

    Great idea on journaling when you’re lonely, etc. to get your feelings out. Isn’t it silly how at times we do other things and then finally think, “Oh maybe I should talk to God.”

    Have a great weekend!

    ~Ah Cheryl…thanks so much for the sweet comment! Do check Ten Things Tuesday…it gets the thankful juices going. Blessings~

  2. Hi Sharon, It always helps to make a list of good things when we are feeling down. Your list was a blessing….

    ~thank you Renee, God bless you!

  3. I’m sorry that you’ve been ill. I hope you are feeling better today. Congrats about losing weight (maybe I should do this too..hehe).

    BTW, I think combining two memes at one time is a great idea!

    ~Mama Meji!!!! thanks so much….losing weight is a tough road – I really won’t mind the encouragement(lol)

  4. Hi Sharon

    Fantastic list!!! Thanks for stopping at my place. Have a blessed weekend.! Hugs!

    ~Hi Lynn,

    Thanks so much! God bless ((((()))))~

  5. Oh, Sharon, I am so sorry that you have been ill and that you have been discouraged. I know how it feels to be discouraged, but know that He is there to lend you a hand. He will never forsake or leave you! Just remember His love for you.
    It is great to have loyal friends who lift you up…

    Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us – despite your discouragement.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    ~Thanks a lot Iris, you are one of my most constant sources of encouragement. God bless you~

  6. AH!!! You mentioned me! I know it’s…wrong…to be so freakin’ excited about that, but I am!

    I’m so glad we’re friends!

    ~Hey Jayne! I don’t know if it’s wrong, but if it is…guess it’s a mutual guilt!

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks too for including me as one of your wonderful new online friends. The feeling is mutual.
    God Bless you:)

    ~ah Sincerae, in this short time you have been such a blessing! God bless you too~

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