Chaotic Paradise

I’m sitting out on my balcony trying to do some work. The breeze from the nearby creek is divine! The sky is so blue and the clouds are all soft an dreamy in different shades of pastel. I can see the top of several palm trees from where I’m sitting I can see the top of several palm trees – OK, well…if I stretch my neck a bit. A tropical paradise right? Correct. So what’s my problem hmm? There’s this big truck right below my balcony and a huge welding machine right beside it. The combined effect of the noise from thee truck and the welding machine is driving me crazy!!! Or it was until I had to do my stillness exercise. Then I had to search for the rythm in the chaos and concentrate on that. It was invaluable!

For me, stillness means meditating on the word of God; I just grab whatever word of scripture comes to my head at that time and meditate on it. This time is it was “the earth is the Lord’s and its fullness thereof…” Psalm (By the way, I read the New Living Translation but I learned all my memory verses in KJV…).

I’m on Day 25 of the Stillness Experiment. I have not always been faithful but the little time I’ve devoted to being still….wow! It is actually a 30 day experiment; I’ve not made up my mind yet if I’m going to stop after 30 days…I’m not sure I will. But you are invited to try it. Truly…just try being still for a minute, every hour for the next 1 month – it’s an incredible experience! If you need encouragement, well, you can call me of course (or drop a comment here), but you can also go here.


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