cafe chat~ the Lord who sees me

What is one of your favorite attributes of God, and why?

As individuals we all have unique qualities. It would make sense then that for each of us our FAVORITE attribute of God would be different. Some attributes to ponder would include:



I came across this verse of scripture some years ago (actually 3 years ago). I was going through a lot then; I’d just lost a cousin and I was preparing for my bar exams at the same time. To say the verse spoke to me is an understatement.

Beer Lahai Roi… the One who sees me…

This was Hagar’s name for God. I don’t know if it is also an attribute of God in the sense meant in this week’s cafe chat, but one thing I do know is that this phrase has kept me going.

Regardless of what I go through in life, I am assured that I have a God that sees me and sees what I’m going through. The sight of the Lord is not just vision…he sees my circumstance; my pain; my confusion; my joy… He feels sees even more than I do.

Jane Austen in Persuasion said that it is singularity which often makes the worst part of our suffering and I agree. Things feel worse when there is no one to share them with. But I have One who sees me.


10 thoughts on “cafe chat~ the Lord who sees me

  1. I love this – I would have never thought about the name like that – wow! What an awesome thing to remember when struggles come your way…the One who sees me….think, if we remembered that in all times how much better life could be!

    ~I know…you shoulda seen my face when I first read that verse; it was like a punch in the face ooomph! It’s amazing what is hidden in the word of God if only we took the time to search it out. Thanks so much for the visit…God bless you!


  2. He’s my Beer Lahai Roi too! I was just reading that account in Genesis the other day and it really struck me. Here Hagar was sent away at the Lord’s instruction…what she was going through was exactly the result of His will…yet He cared for her and her son! That’s our amazing God!

    Great post!

    ~Thanks Sheila – for the visit and the comment.

    It’s so hard to understand God sometimes…most times actually. But I guess that’s what trust is about – knowing that HE knows just what HE’s doing! Besides, who needs a God one can understand???


  3. I’m glad that God knows me so well, better than I know myself. Because He knows me, He can show me how to grow, improve, and best live for Him.

    ~Hi Maisie,

    that is it exactly! He made us after all.
    Thanks for the visit, God bless you.


  4. the one who sees me…
    I love that!
    He sees us, knows our heart better than any other, loves us anyways!!!
    thanks for sharing and for teaching me something new

    ~Beloved Mama….you are so special! Thank God for people like you.

    Thanks so much for visiting. God bless~

  5. How many times I have read descriptions of Victorian-era rooms with a sampler reading: “Thou God Seest Me.” And every time, this is taken as a warning, something scary and meant to intimidate. Your reading is so much better! (And maybe that’s even what the sampler-sewers meant, who knows.) Thanks for helping me see this in a new way. And welcome to RevGalBlogPals!

    ~Hello Auntie Knickers!
    I know exactly what you mean. My brothers and I used it as a threat; whenever any of us wanted an honest answer out of the other, we’d go ‘God is seeing you!’ in ominous tones…

    Wow, am I glad God sees me!
    Thanks for the visit and the warm welcome. Do come by again.
    God bless

  6. It is comforting to know that God is in the midst of wherever we are. Welcome to RevGals!

    ~Hi Julie, thanks so much for stopping by. We do have a wonderful God don’t we? Have a great week ahead! Sharon~

  7. Beautiful post, Sharon! Many times it has been a great comfort to me to know that God is the one who see me. The one who is always with me.

    Have a great week!

    ~Hi Melanie, lovely comment. He is the Comforter after all. Thanks for the visit.

    God bless,

  8. It’s funny that we can read something that speaks to our heart, and then read it another day and it has a completely different meaning. It’s all about the seasons in our lives.

    ~That’s what I love the most about the Bible! Thank you Lily.


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