The month of June has barely begun and already there have been quite a number of changes in my life. The most visible change is the new colour of my blog………..I LOVE red!!!!!!!!

I would have made the template red in the first place its just that I have always tried to deny my love for red; I’ve always perceived myself as a rather serene, introverted person and red just doesn’t fit into that picture. But I just hopelessy adore red and I have decided to start being me.

The Stillness Experiment is on, I’m not quite faithful with it. Fact, a whole day went and I completely forgot to be still….I did not really forget to be honest, I just did not feel like being ‘still’ and so I kept deferring it till…

That is another change I’m working on; doing stuff I’m supposed to do regardless of whether I feel like it or not. It’s been a major character flaw. Just when I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it…! I can remember when as a teenager, I did most of the cooking for the house (I’m the only girl and roles are still a bit traditional although my mum tried). Many times, I wouldn’t feel like eating, so I wouldn’t cook. I can still hear my mum scolding me. She used to say “if I’d waited till I felt like eating to feed you, do you think you’d have grown this big?!” To fully understand that statement, my mum takes a cup of tea in the morning and is fine for the rest of the day. ??? She never feels like eating.

So I’m working at acquiring some discipline. This is especially necessary as I quit my job this month. It feels like a really very foolish thing to do as I don’t have any other job in the pipelines. But I prayed over it and took the blind move. That’s another change. I desperately needed time to myself. I’ve been working straight since I left the University in 2005. I was beginning to feel as though if i did not take time off, time would be taken off me!

Now I spend my days blogging, reading, working on my ezine and oh I forgot to mention! I run ezines for two people plus I help others set up and run blogs. Guess that was what made it possible to quit my job eh?

Changes. I’m experiencing another less visible change and this is a closer relationship with God. It’s strange; each time I get comfortable with God, He shows me another side to himself and that throws me off balance then it takes a while to get used to the new facet. I’ve experienced Jehovah my friend, Abba Father and many others. I’m still not sure what aspect of Him I’m experiencing now, but I’m loving it. I’m learning to give up control and just let God be God…its a beautiful experience.

Ok, I need to get back to the book I’m reading, Jerry White’s I will Not Be Broken…

ASA is playing in the background…


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I love the new look of your blog!

    We’ve got something in common as I’m also trying to work on doing things that need to be done whether I feel like doing it or not.

    Have a great week!

    ~Hi Melanie, thank you so much! I love the new look too.

    Doing things that need to be done needs an enormous amount of discipline for people like me. I’ll appreciate the encouragement.

    Thanks for the lovely comment.

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