Ten Things Tuesday

Today – Day 2 of practicing stillness has been a challenge. I found that I had to be still in traffic; in an acquaintance’s birthday party this evening and in several odd places; don’t ask me how I managed it please! But I experienced that peace that passes understanding. I’ve felt an overwhelming calm in the past two days. I feel I’ve really been closer to the Lord. Of course there have been distractions…several distractions. I still haven’t managed that early morning stillness but…I’ll get there yet.

Today is also Ten things Tuesday over at X-box wife’s blog. And I’ll try and keep my list short.

  • Food. I’m not really a heavy eater – in fact I’ve been described as a bird eater, but when I need food I need it immediately. Prices have gone up in the stores and my salary hasn’t gone up to match prices. Yet I am able to eat as often as I please. That is quite a blessing.
  • Friends. My friend traveled several miles just to spend some time with me. She’s my best friend and wherever I’ve had to move to she always found a way to search me out and spend time with me. Friends like that are priceless and I’m thankful for mine.
  • My Fiancee. I know….I gave thanks for him last week – I can’t seem to stop being thankful for a good man who loves the Lord and goes out of his way to make me happy.
  • Blogging Friends. I have received so much encouragement from my friends in blogoshphere. I appreciate you all. Thanks Jayne! God bless you Doug!

I posted my Ten Things Tuesday list and rushed out. I only just came back and discovered that instead of 10, I had a list of 4!?????????? Wonder what I was thinking. So here’s the rest of my list.

  • Sunshine. The sun is shining very hot right now. I’m grateful for this since I don’t have a washing machine, it means my clothes are going to get dry really fast!
  • Air-conditioning. Because of the point above, I’m am VERY grateful for my air-condition which has been working almost non-stop.
  • Electricity. I’m out of gas. I can’t help being thankful that I can cook with my electric cooker. That’s because when we do get electricity, it is sooo affordable.
  • Coffee. I give thanks for coffee every single day! Especially the brand I use – Nescafe; french coffee made in Abidjan. I get a 50gram tin at less than $2.
  • My Hair. I just started growing my hair so its still at the not long but not short stage. It’s also taken to curling at the tips; this is so convenient as I can slip a rubber band over my hair and I’m good to go!
  • Inspiration. God is my inspiration. It’s a blessing to be able to sit and imagine all sorts…day dream…write stories in my head….Can’t thank Him enough.

2 thoughts on “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. Sharon, thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog! I love reading anything from you. I really need to start visiting your blog throughout the week, instead of just on “Ten Things Tuesday” days! Have a wonderful and Blessed week!

    ~ Amy

  2. Oh! Have you any idea what a blessing you’ve been for me? I love that we’ve come across each other!

    ~Jayne I couldn’t have put it better!~

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