What is my role

on this stage? Many times I am left wondering just what my role in life is. I know for certain that my existence is not an accident – I am not a freak of nature – I was created for a special purpose. But what that purpose is, often eludes me.

Do you sometimes feel that way about yourself? Like you are merely existing and floundering around without any particular direction? Or are you one of the few who have found and are fulfilling their life’s purpose? Which are you?


3 thoughts on “What is my role

  1. Short, sweet, and wonderful post, Sharon. Daily I now wonder what my purpose in life is, and I think God is leading me kicking and screaming to it. I am learning that I have to stop being so disobedient and saying where I do not want to go.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I guess I felt this way when I was 18 or 19. When I met my husband I didn’t feel that way again. Now that I am 44 with one grown adult son (and other kids that are growing up fast)I guess you think along those lines, but in a different kind of way. I was going to say, but checked your about page first, I think in some ways my role was to keep society and family going by having the children. Just repeating what had been done for me I suppose. There must be other ways of looking at it though.

  3. Thanks Sincerae, I’ve often been dragged kicking and screaming too. But the funny thing is I really appreciate those times (even though they hurt) cos I feel the security in knowing that God has not just decided to let me go my own way. There’s one verse in the Bible that really terrorizes me (I know…) its the part that says the spirit of God will wrestle with man no longer…and I pray daily Lord please wrestle with me! Oh well, like my dad would say ‘God and His many children.’ LOL.

    Linda: I think I know what you mean. Many women these days would scoff at what you just wrote (GO Women’s Lib!). And I used to too. But watching my mum I began slowly, to realise that the real liberation of a woman is the freedom to be what her Creator meant her to be! Not all women are given the privilege to be society’s keepers…all I can say is I hope I’m one of them!

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