Be Still…

Be still and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.

– Psalm 46:10

We get so carried away by everyday events and life’s stress that we forget to focus on the Lord. Sometimes, we need the reminder from the Lord to slow down and just be still.

When I focus my attention above, I’ve discovered that other things fade into insignificance. Its not that those things are no longer relevant in my life, its just that they no more seem overbearing. The stress of work, exams, family even the stress of self does not seem like stress anymore. I begin to wonder why things were getting to me so much in the first place.

Of course I know the answer; I refused to be still. Then I make silly mistakes that I should never have made if I’d been still.

It is in stillness that the voice of the Lord can be heard. There are so many reasons why we should cultivate the habit of being still. Yet there’s so much activity in our lives that it seems almost impossible to be still.

I received a mail yesterday from Stacey Mayo of the Center for Balanced Living. She is working on what she calls ‘the stillness experiment’. This is forming the habit of taking a few minutes every day to be still. I think its an experiment worth trying. In fact, I am going over to the site to sign up for the experiment. I would appreciate your company on this journey. Why don’t you click here and join me. Stacey has no idea that I’m mentioning this on my blog, I just feel having you along will be encouraging and besides, it would be nice if there are folks to compare notes with.

So check it out! It’s the stillness experiment.


4 thoughts on “Be Still…

  1. I always read those verses and think that God is not whispering to me to be still. I think for some people He is, but everytime those words enter my mind, I realize he’s taking this Type A personality (who is also A.D.D.) and yelling “JAYNE! BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD!” I rarely hear Him when he whispers, because I’m never still.

    So, I’ll do the stillness experiment. But I’ll admit I’m scared–be still? Be silent? It’s a challenge I don’t know if I can do!

  2. Jayne if you’ve been back and haven’t seen any reply to yours, I’m sorry. I actually posted a reply then … yep, deleted it! Anyway, I’m just glad you decided to join me in this. It starts on Monday. I thought it started yesterday and throughout the whole day I only remembered to be still for …er, 5mins? (sigh) I don’t think I’m any better at being still than you are.

  3. Oh, honey..just wait. I’m working on a blog post right now. I’ve been feeling rather under attack lately, and today was a fine example of it. Even my darling little WonderDog (who is every bit as busy as me) did a better job at being still!

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