In need of encouragement.

This blog is mostly about encouragement even though I take the liberty to rant once in a while. Lately I’ve posted stuff about the things that are happening around the world (at least, my corner of the world). Maybe that has been a mistake.

I am in no way an activist. I don’t like to spend my energies canvassing for change in the world or in others… that is not my message or my forte. I believe that the world is made up of people – individuals – you and I. Therefore if I will get on my soap box at all, it would be for personal change. If I change myself, maybe I will be able to affect my community and that in turn just might affect the world.

However, I seem to have dabbled into the confusing and often depressing universe of activism and it has left me drained and feeling a bit disillusioned with the world. I will get over it.

My trouble right now is how to encourage others when I really need encouragement myself. I think that in future, I’ll leave the canvassing to others more qualified and suitable in temperament. It is just a thought and I can’t promise that because I am a lawyer and I hate seeing the underdog suffer. I just need to know how to achieve a healthy balance – if it is possible.


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