Tuesday Tips: 8 Ways to say ‘thank you’

Saying ‘Thank you’ is a big deal. It seems like such an easy thing to do yet, many people bungle it up often. These are just a few tips worth having at the back of your mind next time you want to show appreciation and really make an impression in the process.

  1. Be sincere.
  2. Say it.
  3. Send an sms or an email.
  4. Write a note and post it.
  5. Send a Card.
  6. Send flowers.
  7. Buy a gift.
  8. Call.

I do not mean either / or… I mean do all of these! You will certainly burn an impression on that person’s mind. I don’t think you are likely to forget anyone who does all these for you.

Do you have any more ways in which you can say ‘thank you’? Please drop a comment.

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